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How To Learn Sign Language

Class 4: Baby Sign Language and the Benefits of Baby Signing Time

>>Narrator: Oh a baby, there’s nothing sweeter. Oh, those tantrums, there’s nothing worse. Don’t you wish your baby could tell you what she wants without all the crying and drama? Now your baby can. Introducing Baby Signing Time. The award winning program for infants to age 3 that teaches your little one to tell you what she wants using signs instead of screams. And it prepares her mind for talking, learning, and reading.>>Unbelievable to me. I never in a million years thought I would say, “I talk to my baby.” You know, at 5 months old, we were saying milk.>>It was amazing! It was like oh my gosh, she’s just a baby, and I know what she wants.>>He tells me outside. He says he wants to shovel, he wants to see the rain, he wants to go look at the moon.>>Narrator: One of the first ways a child will show what he wants is by reaching for his parents or by pointing to something. These gestures are the first indications of baby’s naturally using signs to communicate. Why not give them more signs so you can understand what’s inside their active, developing minds? And when you do, you open up a whole new world of things to discover and learn. The result is a learning explosion with fewer tantrums.>>It was really amazing when she signed back to me and I could see that she could communicate with me before she was talking. It was like a whole new world.>>You just have this heightened level of connections and communication with your baby That you just, you can’t even explain the feeling that you have inside. It’s a lot better. Narrator: You’re about to discover the award winning Baby Signing Time. The program that teaches you baby to communicate before she can talk. Giving her a head start to language and learning. From birth to age 3, your baby’s brain is developing faster than at any other time. And during this period, she naturally wants to learn language. Sign Language is proven to help children progress rapidly in their language development. Baby Signing Time goes a step further. In addition to teaching signs, Baby Signing Time shows the written word and images of the word in a way that babies can understand. It’s all brought together with catchy songs…>>Rachel Sings: Here I go, I’m in a car. Look at me, I’m in a car…>>Narrator: …and kid friendly animation that parents and babies can enjoy together. [laughing]>>Rachel: Now it’s time to learn some signs. Raise your little pinky finger, and swoop it like a “J,” for juice. Juice. Show me “juice.” Hold you hands up and twist them like you’re brushing everything away. All done, or finished. Let’s see you sign it. Open your hand and touch your thumb to your chin. Sign “mom.” Mom. Same as mom, but bounce it forward. Sign “grandma.” Grandma. Just like mom, but touch your thumb to your forehead. I remember it because my dad’s a little bit taller than my mom. Now you try it. Dad. Same as dad, but bounces forward. Now sign “grandpa.” Grandpa, grandpa. Close 2 fingers and your thumb right at your diaper. Diaper. And here’s potty. Potty.>>Rachel Sings: Mom has a mom, and she’s my grandma. Mom has a mom, and she’s my grandma. Mom has a mom, and she’s my grandma. She’s another mother who loves me. She’s another mother who loves me.

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