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Christmas 2019 Ad (audio described) | Waitrose & Partners and John Lewis & Partners

A snow-dusted hamlet at the foot of
forested hills in a magical fairy tale land. Wearing a brown cloak and blue
scarf, a red-haired girl of around nine catches a snowflake on her tongue.
Walking beside her, a short, cute and lovable green dragon tastes one too. He
shivers and his nostrils smoulder. Seeing children building a snowman, he hurries
over to them excitedly then grabs a carrot to place on the snowman’s face
but accidentally melts their creation with his fiery breath. They don’t look
impressed and the dragon looks remorseful. Now the girl is in a bakery
rolling pastry. A man slides bread into a flaming oven nearby. Through a window
she sees her scaly friend napping in the doorway of his little home. Then her
eyes widen when he wakes and bounds towards a frozen pond where children are
skating. Flames burst out of his nostrils again as he gleefully slides across it on
his bottom and melts the ice. The children end up standing in waist-deep
water. The little dragon looks very sorry. Leafy garlands are draped across the
village square. Amongst the spectators the girl raises a finger to the dragon
who’s trying to contain himself with a scarf tied around his nostrils. He
happily gives her the thumbs up in response. A jovial bearded mayor waves to the crowd then a cloth drops from a big Christmas tree revealing its branches decorated
with festive trinkets. Overwhelmed with excitement, the dragon covers his snout
but fire erupts from his ears, burning down the garlands and the tree. The
villagers’ angry stares prompt the dragon to run into his house. He shuts the girl
outside. Her shoulders sag when he ignores her knocking. At night she’s
sitting outside his door by lantern light with blankets over her lap. On a
new day the girl’s shaking sugar onto some pies. As the baker slides a rustic
loaf into the oven it gives her an idea. She uses the dragon knocker on her
little friend’s wooden door. He answers then she presents him with a gift
wrapped in brown paper and tied with a red ribbon. His face lights up with
delight. She nods with a smile. In a hall the villagers halt their Christmas
feast when the girl arrives and blows on a bugle. The dragon steps in behind her
and worried he’ll have another mishap, the guests hide beneath the long table.
The dragon reveals a plump Christmas pudding from behind his back and he uses
his flames to light it gently. They applaud with delight and relief as they
return to their seats. The girl and the dragon exchange proud smiles. Show them how much you care. John Lewis & Partners and Waitrose & Partners

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