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How To Learn Sign Language

Cheyenna from Cut | #TBT | Cut

– [Man] What are some
of the weird messages you’ve gotten on Instagram? – [Woman] There’s too much! Come to Minnesota was one. You can come, it’ll be free
of you to come out here. We’ll have a fire, we’ll
do different things. I was like, uh, bye. (upbeat music) Hello, my name is Cheyenna. I’m a student at Gallaudet University. – [Man] You did some videos with us. What are the videos? – [Woman] I remember the first one was a question about, questions that people
tend to ask deaf people. – [Woman] Do deaf people
actually have sex? – [Woman] Cussing. – [Woman] Of course we’re gonna go for the visual of sucking cock. – [Woman] And then one about flirting. – [Woman] Sometimes if you just say hey, will you show me some sign language and do it really flirty and cute-like, that might be a pickup line for me. – [Man] Has anyone flirted
with you since the video? – [Woman] Yes, a lot! Like the pickup lines, you know. – [Woman] Are you McDonald’s,
’cause I’m lovin’ it. – [Woman] Remember that line, you know, I don’t really
know how to answer that. It’s like, but so many people, people try to talk to me. – [Man] How did you feel about the videos? – [Woman] They were cool videos. It just sets that up in people’s minds that we’re a lot like other people, and they’re more motivated to
learn American Sign Language because of that, and, you know, that made me feel really good. – [Man] Do you ever get recognized? – [Woman] Yeah, one time
I was in Washington, D.C. and I was walking with my friend, and all of a sudden,
this girl ran up to me and she said, I’ve watched you so much, it’s so cool, I love signing and you’ve taught me some sign and I thought that was really cute, and then she left, it was cool. – [Man] What were some of the comments that you saw about yourself? – [Woman] Well, I went
through the comments. Most the time it’s talking about, wow, I didn’t know that
girl in the pink shirt could talk like that. Or different things like she’s pretty or you know, oh well, thanks I guess. But, it bothers me a little bit, but I don’t really care, you know. Plus that’s gonna be online forever. – [Man] Has YouTube been
good for the Deaf community? – [Woman] Yeah, I believe that YouTube has been really good
for the Deaf community because that’s where you can
show other hearing people, most the time teenagers and kids, you know, they watch a lot
on YouTube all the time, and so that’s where we as
a Deaf community can help, help show and expose them to Deaf culture and they can learn a lot
about different people, because it’s hard to find deaf people all over the world sometimes
they are congregated in specific areas and so, on YouTube they can see
that stuff every day. There’s videos available any time. They can just turn on and watch. So, it’s a good place to expose other people to the Deaf community. – [Man] Do you have a YouTube channel? – [Woman] Yeah, I have a YouTube channel. I show makeup videos. Signing, sign language. Exposure to the deaf community,
all different things. And you can check it out. Just my name, Cheyenna Clearbrook. Thanks for watching this! Also, don’t forget to subscribe to Cut. Also make sure you watch
more Drawback Thursday videos ’cause they’re cool!

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