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Chennai Techie Finds Vikram Lander

You all know about the Chandrayaan-2’s Vikram Lander that was supposed to land on the moon. If the Vikram Lander landed on the moon, India would become the fourth country to do it. America, Russia and China have been successful. Hopefully India would be the fourth. However the Vikram Lander crash landed on the moon and the project failed. ISRO is a very big organisation that worked hard for the success of the project but the Lander crashed. Like we have ISRO in India, America has NASA. NASA sent its own orbiter which moves around the moon to take pictures of the Lander’s crash site. They tried to find the damaged Vikram Lander through the images of the moon but they failed. NASA released these images and requested experts to help find the Lander. An Indian software engineer named Shanmuga Subramanian from Chennai is very passionate about space. He went through the images released by NASA for 6-7 hours everyday. He compared the new images to old images of the same areas and finally found the Lander. He found the sight where the Lander crash by comparing the old and new images. He then informed NASA. After investigating, on 3rd December 2019 NASA confirmed that he was correct about Lander’s location. Shanmuga does not have any degrees related to space education. He keeps researching because he is very passionate about the various aspects of space. Shanmuga said we should not stop and continue learning about the new things. Subramanian has said that if one follows their passion and dreams they will be successful. You do not need degrees or certificates. If you follow your interests passionately you will be successful. He encouraged people interested in space to keep working. Shanmuga is an ardent lover of the space and keeps analysing it. Similarly you all must follow your interest.

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