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CG University – iPad Gesture

greetings and welcome to another video
here from CG University in this video I’m going to introduce you about iOS 12
the next-generation operating system for your iOS device let’s get started in iOS
12 there are new gestures that you should know when using your iPad iPad
pro or even iPad Mini let me show you so right now I’m using an iPad pro and I’ve
actually recorded some gestures in order to show you the viewers how it’s done
first thing first test of our control center previously from control center
you swipe from the bottom edge to the top it doesn’t work in the new version
of iOS 12 instead we’ll treat it like it’s an iPhone 10 you swipe from the
upper right corner let me show you using a pre-recorded gesture to explain how it
works so you swipe from upper right to down again one a time upper right to
down you got your control center okay so that
is a gesture that you should remember in addition if you want to do multitasking
like an icon pan you just swipe from the bottom edge and hope you got a full list
of all the applications you have and can switch between them with no issues
however that’s another way to switch and that is by doing a curve let me show you
how it looks like I’m gonna change that and again I got to get the symbol over
here you can see that I do like a curve and it now switches to another app let
me do it again and change that like that you switch left and right between
applications finally don’t forget that you can do your notification center by
swiping from the top edge of the screen downwards again I would just want to
show you how it looks like that’s it so that’s the new gestures for iOS 12 try
it out on your new iPad pro or any updated iOS device for iPad be the ipad
mini iPad air iPad pro or just like that thank you for watching this video from
CG University stay tuned for more content here from Switch see you

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