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CELPIP: Canada’s Leading English Language Test

The CELPIP Test is Canada’s leading
English language proficiency test. It is officially designated by Immigration,
Refugees and Citizenship Canada. The CELPIP Test comes in two versions: The CELPIP-General Test for
permanent resident status in Canada, and the CELPIP-General LS Test for
Canadian citizenship. Ten to thousands of these tests are administered at Test Centres all across Canada. The CELPIP Test has one of the quickest
turnaround times for test results. And test takers can choose to add Express Rating to have the results available in three business days. We have numerous instructional materials available to help test takers prepare for the CELPIP Test. The CELPIP Test is also one hundred percent Canadian. This is a huge advantage to those of you who
have been living in Canada for months or years. The entire test can be done in one sitting. It is not necessary to schedule additional time
to do the speaking part of the test. First things first, you guys are awesome. This is a very professional organization. Clear information, great follow-up. The usual thing, everything works in Canada, but there is also the added human niceties. It is a really quiet, relaxing environment to be in. It is really organized. The experience was wonderful,
given that I was taking a test. I could see how a person who has some test anxiety would feel quite at-ease is with the staff here. I need to do this test before
applying for the PR application. I can choose between General
and Listening and Speaking only. As I am a mom for two kids, it is much better for me to choose
Listening and Speaking only. I really like the Speaking Test because I think those topics are very familiar for me and I can have the same situation in my daily life. I love the fact that when you are doing the Writing, if you misspell anything, the red line comes up,
and that is perfect for me. I really recommend this test for everybody. I have done other language tests in my life. By far, this is the best! Definitely, I will recommend it.

17 Replies to “CELPIP: Canada’s Leading English Language Test”

  • Can my Wife who lives in the Philippines take the test Online, does she need the test to apply to move to Canada to live with me and take it somewhere in the Philippines or online or would she take the test here in Alberta when she's moved here?

  • Unreliable marking criteria, big gap between my scores in IELTS and CELPIP, not in a single band only, in all bands. It was my first and thankfully the last time taking this exam, never coming back 🙂

  • I gave CELPIP 3 times but I found that they do not have any standardised system, basically, they are still in a developing stage and making money from the people. However, IELTS is really a well-reputed test, you can find tons of practice material free. I gave this test before immigrating to Canada, as a matter of fact, I got 7 in IELTS speaking but after spending 7 years in Canada even CELPIP is not giving me 8 in speaking ( I got 6 twice and the third time 7 ). I believe their system is not fair enough to judge English level. You can imagine stress level in the real exam when you have to attempt full extra tasks in Listening and Reading ( so-called unscored items for development purposes ). Listening part looks like a memory test rather than checking your listening level and Reading seems a confusing test rather checking your real reading ability.

  • i live in india . can i give this test to do study in canada ? and also tell me it is acceptable by all colleges and schools or not .

  • You must take a cilpep test as it is required you must read speak and write English so study study study ..Because imm will be asking for it .

  • Good morning Team Celpip !!
    This is Shoib here from India ,actually I am planning to take Celpip general test but I have no idea about test patterns such as
    L, S, R, w.. and would like to know, that , do we get practice tests with it??when we registered for test??or else ,we have to purchase the practice tests?let me know asap..Thanks in advance

  • I am a Cameroonian and wishes to do my Master's degree in Canada. please can the CELPIP team help me with information? thanks

  • Hello dear everyone's at cellophane Canada I like to make taste English language for immigration to Saskatchewan Canada thanks so much

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