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Celebrate International Day of Sign language in Malappuram

MDAD is an association in Malappuram, Kerala. MDAD stands for Malappuram District Association of Deaf. Their President is Muhammed Rashin – Sign Name – their General Secretary is Ashraf Kunnath – Sign Name. MDAD has many affiliations. Firstly, WFD is affiliated with the AIFD. The AIFD is affiliated with AKAD and they are affiliated with the MDAD. MDAD is affiliated with 7 different associations Here they are. MDAD is affiliated with another 4 associations. 1. MDSCD, which is a sports association. 2. KGDEU, which is a government association 3. KDWF, which is association for Kerala women. 4. KDYF. There are affiliated with these associations. Do you know which programme Deaf individuals celebrate? It is the International Week of the Deaf It has been celebrated for the last 62 years. It is the 2nd International Day of Sign Language, MDAD has organised a very interesting programme. The hall will be located in Malappuram. Here have a look. Did you see the picture. That is the Malappuram Town Hall. It will be held on 22nd September 2019 The timings are, from 9:30am to 5:00pm. If you are interested in the programme, you must attend. It has events such as Work Shops, Sign Language Awareness, Art Competition, helpings victims of the Kerala floods, and award distribution. Two important individuals have been invited to give a presentation at the programme. The first person is, Zamir Dhale – Sign Name. He is Deaf & Blind. He is also the Founder & Director of SEDB. Amal Dev is the Executive Project Associate at Access Mantra. They will be presenting lectures. Are you excited? If you are interested and want to confirm your attendance, you can inform and contact the 7 different associations affiliated with MDAD on these numbers. You can contact them and confirm your attendance. 19th September 2019 is the last date. So give your confirmation before that. If you are interested in the programme please attend.

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