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Catie Turner Auditions for American Idol With Quirky Original Song – American Idol 2018 on ABC

Where do I?– Do I?– Oh wow!
Hi, everybody! Bryan: Here we go.
Ritchie: My god.
Bryan: Howdy! Perry: I love you so much!
Contestant: I love you too, wow it’s– What’s your name? Catie with a ‘C’ and you’re Katy with a K, and I already think this friendship is off to a great start. Ritchie: I love that.
Perry: Love it.
Bryan: CAFFEINE! I don’t drink coffee or any caffeine. This is just pure, like, adrenaline. Like, let’s- let’s hit it, let’s go. Okay, pull your hat back just a little bit more. How ’bout I throw it to the side. Ritchie: There you go. Perry: Put it down there so we can put some money in it. Alright. You guys ready? Bryan: Oh yeah. I have a question, um, do you write your own songs– Yeah! — to show us? Yeah! Do you wanna hear 21st Century Machine? Ritchie: Yeah.
Perry: 21st Century Machine? It’s kinda about how media affected me when I was an impressionable young child and kinda like my bitterness to it but– You also sound like a gosh-darn genius. [Catie laughs]
[Catie taps on guitar] Here’s the intro. [boots clacking on floor] [guitar plays] People on the airwaves always preach who I should be. How to dress, how to talk, maybe, how to breathe. Wicked artists use their limber fingers to paint pictures of what young girls are to aspire to be. I’m not alive if I’m not on illegal weed, I’m not in love without a man sitting next to me. Someone tell me if this is all an illusion, or if i’m just a cog, in the 21st century machine. [guitar plays] It’s the place to be. In the 21st century machine. Shed light and live precariously~ [strums guitar once] Yeah, okay! [Ritchie claps and bangs table] That is SUCH a good song. You’re a spectacular songwriter. I love where your mind’s at. I think– man, let’s just, comments? Yes, Katy’s saying it. You are interesting and brilliant beyond your years. Perry: Yeah. Ritchie: I love your– the sound of your voice. Every once in a while, you know, a, uh, a martian lands, and we happen to see the martian. I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to see you, alright. [Catie whispers]
Thank you! I am just fascinated with your brain and your writing is, Crazy great, okay? So that’s my, that’s my comment. Perry: Well let’s, let’s take a vote. Bryan: Do you have a cellphone, or– Yeah! I have a ce– –you have Instagram and all the… Yeah. Do you read all that garbage? Yeah, yup. Perry: She scrolls. Ritchie: She scrolls, yeah. I’m saying YES, [Catie laughs] Bryan: but you don’t go and read anything, what people say about you, ’cause I don’t want the outside world to mess with your beautiful brain. [Ritchie chimes in]
Right, right. [Katy chimes in]
She’s so strong. She- she knows it. Katy: What’s your answer? I am actually pleased to say for my first time out, Yes. Absolutely. Perry: I think your point of view is very fresh, and necessary. You understand what it means to be a female, this day and age, and I love that. So you’re going to Hollywood! [Ritchie cheers]
[Bryan applauds] Bryan: Don’t trip! [Catie squeals and cries]
Ritchie: Aw, sweetheart, aw, so good [muffled]. Perry: I love you, OH MY GOSH, I LOVE you. [Catie squeals unintelligibly] [door opens]
[Family cheers] Bryan: Can you believe the genius?
Perry: She’s hilarious. Perry: She’s very smart. Catie: I got three yeses! Oh god, I’m gonna get emotional just thinking about it. It was um, it was really nice. Well, congratulations, Catie. Catie: Thank you so much! How does that feel to cuddle that, hug that, be with that golden ticket? It’s like my child, I just wanna– Seacrest: You just wanna cradle it? Catie: –I wanna give it a good college fund, and raise it with good manners, and to be successful in life. [Seacrest laughs] These are good priorities. [Catie cheers] WOOOOOO! [mic gets hit] [Catie gasps] No, not the corn cob! I hit the corn cob!
[laughs] Catie: I’M GOING TO HOLLYWOOD!!! For even more Idol, and exclusive content, subscribe below, the official American Idol YouTube channel.

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