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[MALE NARRATOR:] Hi, I’m Marlene! (Signs name) Did you know there are good and bad ways of taking care of condoms? Condoms are very important for safer sex. If you use a condom that is no good or damaged, it is the same as not using a condom at all. Today, I will teach you the right way to take care of your condoms, so that they are effective at preventing STIs, HIV, and pregnancy. In this vlog, I will use a dildo for demonstrations, which may be awkward, but it’s the best way to show you how to use a condom correctly. [Marlene:] The condom may tear if you use your teeth to open the wrapper. That’s why the edge of the wrapper is designed to make it easy to open by hand. [Marlene:] If the condom tip is not pinched, there is no room between the end of the penis and the tip of the condom. With no space for the cum to go, the condom could break. Pinching the condom tip will leave enough room for the cum. So be sure to pinch the tip of the condom while you roll it on. [Marlene]: If you put two condoms on, they will rub against each other. This may cause the condoms to rip. It is safer to wear only one condom at a time. [Marlene:] Keeping condoms in your wallet can ruin them. Over time, the pressure on your condoms from sitting down or closing the wallet can ruin the condoms. If you put the condoms in a protective case, they will be safe in your pocket or a purse. [Marlene:] Keeping your condoms in very cold or very hot places — such as in the refrigerator, next to a sunny window, or in the car glove compartment — will probably ruin them. In the heat, condoms can become weak or no good. In the cold, condoms can become hard and unsafe to use. Instead, it’s a good idea to keep them in a cool and dry place like a drawer or another private spot. Now you know some tips for how to store and take care of your condoms! If you have any questions about these condom tips, HIV/AIDS prevention, or HIV testing, please contact Project HOPE. We are here to support you! Our services are always confidential. Thank you! Goodbye!

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