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CAREERS IN JOURNALISM – BA,MA,Mass Communication,Recruitment,Salary package

HI friends this is devyani from today i am her to tell you about career opportunities in Journalism A pen and a paper, is what that clicks in
one minds, when you talk about journalism as a career. It’s true that journalism is
concerned with gathering and dissemination of news and vital piece of information through
electronic and print media. But, when it comes to journalism as a career, then there are
pools of options that one can select from. Journalism is broadly classified under print
(newspaper, magazine) media and electronic (audio/visual) media. But, this does not limit
the career options here only. If you successfully complete your communication or journalism
degree, then you can have a booming career in distinct fields such as broadcast journalism,
fashion journalism, technical writing, visual communication, newspaper reporter, photo journalist,
freelance writer, foreign correspondent, sports journalism, anchor, researcher and more.
Journalists gain specialization in distinct areas, such as, economics, politics, investigation,
finance, sports, culture and periodicals. For this, you first have to complete a graduation
degree as well as a post-graduation degree from a reputed institute, after 10 + 2. In India, the Indian Institute of Journalism and Mass Communication, Bangalore is the most
renowned center for securing educational qualification in this field. Besides this, there are other
reputed institutes also that offer diploma and degree courses such as Delhi University,
Punjab University, IP University, Jawaharlal Nehru University and more. Eligibility criteria for getting into reputed journalism institutes are 10 + 2 and a written
entrance test. Some, institutes even conduct group discussions and personal interview rounds,
before finalizing their admission list. In case, one is not able to get through such
institutes, then there is also an option to get a certified course from reputed private
institutes in journalism and mass media communication. No matter to which institute you make, you
need to have certain personal attributes if you want to become a successful journalist.
Inquisitive mind, strong presence, will power, an aptitude for presenting precise information,
oral communication skills, effective writing ability are some of the personal traits that
one should have in order to become a high-end journalist. Once, your course is completed, and then you
can look for job prospects in various areas. Magazines, periodicals, newspapers, websites,
TV channels, AIR channels, press information bureau, are major prospects for students with
a journalism degree. You can even consider journalism as a part time career option along
with any other field of work, especially if you deal with electronic media. Some top companies
or channels, which hire journalist every year are:
• Doordarshan • Zee TV
• Star Plus • Hindustan Times
• Times of India • Navbharat Times
• Femina Magazine • Fashion Channels
• Music Channels • Websites
You can start with an entry level job at the initial stage. In order to get hired in such
reputed names, you need to make sure that you score high in your degree or diploma,
as well as you have all personal traits require to become a journalist. The remuneration for
a journalist varies from INR 10,000 to INR 20,000. Actual salary depends on the company,
for which you are hired. If you are comfortable with odd time travelling,
and you are good at converting information to news, then this is the best career option
for you. For more details and answers to your career queries you can log on to the career
website thank you we will be with more such videos please subscribe to our channel

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