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Can Japanese Actually Write Japanese Kanji?

Hey guys, it’s Yuta Do you ever wonder how Japanese people manage to remember all those complicated letters? Or do they really? So I asked them to write some basic words that we all learn during the six years of compulsory education. Check this out. Sentou ( 戦闘 ) Hey guys, it’s Yuta again. Well this was pretty fun to watch because I wasn’t the one who was taking the quiz. And if you want to learn real Japanese with real Japanese people speaking, and with out being forced to remember all the Kanji, that Japanese people can’t even remember, click the link and subscribe to my email list, Japanese With Yuta. And this video is made possible by your support so if you think my videos are worth watching, click the link and support me on Patreon where you have a possibility of watching the entire uncut video footage. Alright. See you guys soon, Ciao!

94 Replies to “Can Japanese Actually Write Japanese Kanji?”

  • 华裔美国人一名,视频里的这些词语,如果按照汉语汉字的读音基本上都能对上,而且意思也相近。除了“献立”~菜单?哈哈哈这个没想到。像贿赂这个词中国汉语也是一个意思!我觉得其实如果能普及汉语简体字 怼很多日本书面表述来讲会有很多益处!像戰鬥~~战斗 翻譯~~翻译 I’m a Chinese American .Most of the Kanji words in the video are so familiar to the Chinese words, basically the characters and the pronunciation( as a Chinese native speaker you can actually guess the meaning ), except the Menu one! In Chinese we use the words “菜单” , like the word “bribe 贿赂” exactly the same even it sounds the same~~~ Personally , if Japanese can use some Simplified Chinese characters it would be way helpful for everyday expression!!!

  • I'm trying so hard to learn Japanese but I think I'll go with reading talking side and less of the writing till I get better at it

  • you people are bitching about how japanese can't only be written in hiragana and katakana? just be glad that manyogana and hentaigana aren't used any more.

  • most non-kokuji kanji are almost identical to traditional chinese characters, but some kanji are actually more similar to simplified chinese characters instead. for example, 学 is usually used in japanese instead of the traditional 學.

  • Dude, if you have to learn 2000 kanji characters, I'd think you'd need more than six years of compulsory education. And yet…!

  • Japanese learner here it’s extremely hard
    Why can’t they just use hiragana ひらか"な❤️😭

  • This makes feel less bad about not being able to wrap my head around kanji. My vocab is actually pretty strong in relation to how far in I am, but I just can't remember the kanji

  • practice, practice, practice, and forget what the kanji pronounce,just writing, I guess you can find the happiness to learn japanese

  • This is why we abandoned the Chinese Character System.

    Who the hell has time to memorize tens of hundreds of thousands of characters that all look very similar to each other and have multiple different meanings and sound the same?

  • My girlfriend for 4 years and counting in Japanese from Japan. She works as a Japanese language teacher at a university in Nagoya for foreigners. She taught me to read write and speak Japanese and had major trouble with Kanji. She told me alot of Japanese people cant remember Kanji because it's an old style. I don't feel as bad if people born in Japan have trouble too.

  • chin(k) from asia here…..hey japanese man yuta,all these ask me about japan questions videos are nice and all,but no one really cares about what japan thinks or this or that or why japan does this or that, its been done to death,we all have seen hundreds of videos about japan over the last decade……..i have something more interesting,can u make videos about ur life in japan….. as a japanese i presume?maybe u are a anime character in secret?do u go to the pachinko parlour?do u own a ramen restaurant?are u a high school teacher that somehow miraculously solves everyone's problems and inspires students?do u live in one of those singles forever alone apartment?or one of those old two storey apartments and is somehow going to meet a miraculous bunch of friends and at least 3 of them are cute hot girls these summer and life's about to change?i know u have a kid though……maybe u secretly found a kodomo somewhere and now ur taking care of him?

  • I don't get it… then, if they can't write kanji, they can't read it either, and I see a lot of kanji in newspaper, lyrics of songs and recipes, how does they read that?

  • I hope I don’t sound stupid. I’m very confused about this. Why can’t they write in their own language? Are there like different alphabets or different writing systems?

  • Thank you so much. I actually speak a good amount of Japanese, never learned the writing seriously until about a month ago. I didn't have the resources, I had no internet access until I was 15 and there are no Japanese classes in my area (in case anyone is wondering, I'm 24 now and from NYC, I live on long island now. I had no internet because my family was unbelievably broke.) I've picked up a few characters over the years but this makes me feel better about learning to write. Hell, if native speakers can't write all of them I may not be doing so badly

  • If even japanese ppl themselves are having a hard time with kanji, what about us that dont speak Japanese but self stidying them like 🤧🤧🤧 is there even hope for us 😭😭

  • In my high-school, we have Japanese Language lessons. We learn the language, culture, history, daily activity, and something unique.

    I'm the best in translating to/from hiragana and knowledge in common. But my Japanese teacher said that we don't have to learn Kanji, cause it kinda difficult for us.

    now I have graduated, I mostly forgot what I just learned before 🤣🤣

  • Well….I only use hiragana, but as for kanji… Well let's just say, i only read manga that has kanji but at the top it convert it to hiragana… Example like
    karakai jouzu no takagi San
    上手 (じょうず)

    高木 (た か ぎ)

    That's the only simplest example, since i don't know much kanji tgo

  • For us, writing Kanji is the equivalent of spelling to English-speaking people. I sometimes forget to write certain words in Kanji as well but that’s what Hiragana is for!

  • hi, yuta! i’m just starting to learn japanese as a hobby, and right now i’m focusing on just learning to write in hiragana. i have one question: does perfect handwriting matter? i don’t have to look at a reference image to know that my handwriting is terrible. i’m making it my goal to improve it, but for now i’m just wondering if perfect handwriting is required, or if my handwriting can have a few imperfections. thanks!

  • We Japanese learn Kanji in school but after we graduate (or after the examinations), we gradually forget how to write them. It can't be helped. But we keep reading Kanji because we see them in magazines, newspapers, TVs, E-mails, SNS, etc.
    The last question 賄賂 (wairo; bribe) is a good choise because it reveals that we occasionally forget how to write a word which often be seen in the newspaper (most grown ups can read them but most of them can't write them). Many people stops to write them by hand in our daily life (some exceptions; official documents, schedule planner and letters) and rely on the input method editor in the smartphones and PCs. The Kanji skills is still important when we choose the candidates of the IME.
    The response "Oh, that one." for the first question suggests that there is another different word with the same pronunciation. I believe most of them came up with 先頭 (sentou; the head of line or something) rather than 戦闘 (sentou; battle), because their pronunciation and accent are completely the same. Also there's a word 銭湯 (sentou; public bath) but this word has different accent. But all these three words can be written as せんとう in Katakana. The main reason why we have Kanji is to distinguish the homonyms and also it is much quicker to understand the meaning rather than all words are written in Katakana.

  • Same with chinese people😂😂
    We can read and recognise the character but always forget how to write it due to the use of smartphone and the lack of actually writing using a pen and a paper. 😂😂
    Smartphone really change everything in our life whether for good or for the worst. So use your smartphone wisely guys 😂 and remember to practise your language during free time or whenever you're bored using a pen an a paper.

  • As someone learning japanese right now, this actually makes me feel better lol… In 2 weeks you can memorize and read hiragana and katakana (I mean read, not understand), but the kanji, oh boy…

  • inb4 all kanji just come with automatic furigana

    Seriously though, as someone who is learning Japanese (and is still struggling with katakana), this makes me feel a lot better

  • Kanji is difficult. I prefer hiragana. I wholeheartedly agree. Asians be pumping these characters out like it’s nothing

  • I'm so proud that I'm a Chinese, because I can know all the Kanji, but I still keep learning because some of the Kanji not have the same meaning with the Chinese words.😅

    Ps: I think the katagana is the most difficult🤣🤣

  • これは日本人でも漢字は難しいし

  • 書けない人がいるのは日本人として恥ずかしいな。
    As a Japanese person Im so ashamed of situation that there are people who cant write kanjis.

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