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Calaméo: Boost your digital communication!

This is Tom. Tom is looking for a way to distribute his business documents more efficiently and make them more attractive. He wastes a lot of time updating them on all digital media channels, and he has no way of knowing how many people read his documents, or for how long. One day, his friend Charlotte shows him her portfolio, which she has published and embedded herself in her website, with the help of Calaméo. Impressed by this innovative online solution, Tom is eager to try Calaméo for himself. He publishes his documents in just a few clicks. He makes them dynamic and engaging by adding product videos, and links to his company’s online store. He can control the distribution of his publications – to a restricted group, or to the entire world, and update them in seconds. On top of all this, the publication viewer is white-labelled, so Tom can add his company’s visual to the viewer and make it his own. His publications integrate seamlessly into his website. And, thanks to the detailed statistics available to him, he can get to know his readership and see which content works best. He sees an immediate reaction from his readers… They are overjoyed and can now read his publications on computer, tablet and smartphone. Tom couldn’t be happier. Be like Tom. Use Calaméo, and boost your digital communication.

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