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Buying Gifts for New Year | Russian Language

In Russia, we give gifts on
New Year. We don’t give presents for Christmas, but in America, on the contrary, we give gifts on Christmas and do not give gifts for the New Year. And this year is probably the first year,
when I give gifts to all my loved ones. I used to buy gifts only for my
to parents. I never bought anything for friends,
but this year I bought gifts for friends, and for my parents, and for my
families. And I honestly don’t know how to choose gifts. I don’t know how to choose what a person needs it’s very difficult for me, and therefore, in this
year, I did it in advance. At the beginning of November, I started listening to what
my loved ones talk about and started thinking what I can give it to him, what can I
give and now it’s only the beginning of December, but I already bought everything. I am very glad that my
gifts will be good and I’m sure they my family and my friends will like it.

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