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How To Learn Sign Language


Hello my lovelies I hope that you are well welcome back to BSL with me Charlie And before we start I just want to say it if my face looks a bit discolored. Don’t worry. I am fine I’m just doing panto at the moment and some of my stage makeup just isn’t coming off I don’t know if you can see it in this light, but I’ve just got like blue eyes looks like punched a bit but I haven’t it’s just stage makeup just in case your bit like oh, what’s up with the face and Today’s topic is days of the week. We’re gonna get straight into it with Monday, which is M day Again M Day that is the level one sign So if you doing level one I recommend you to do that sign the sign when you move on from the other one is just Monday again Monday so level one people do this and then if you’re not doing the levels you have to do Monday or Monday next we’ve got Tuesday, which is T day again t day, or Tuesday again Tuesday Then we got Wednesday this time for that is w dare again w day, or Wednesday again Wednesday Then we’ve got Thursday at the sign for that is T H day again t h day or Thursday again Thursday The sign for Friday, you know what the f sign which is a closed hash tag like that You’re just gonna circle the top two fingers like this and that is friday again Friday There are two signs for Saturday. The first one is like your rubbing cream on the back your hand like this. So Saturday again Saturday or you fingerspell the first few letters, which is s a t again s a t and the sign for Sunday is like the prayer hands like that you do it twice. So Sunday again Sunday Then the sign for week you have one index point forward like this and another one which is horizontal on top and you go week again week The sign for weekly you do it twice you go quickly again Weekly and you’re gonna have this week next week or Last and then the week goes backwards week. Let’s try that again. So this week next week last week And the final side I’m gonna teach you is weekend. You’re gonna go w fists together so weekend again We can’t Let them guys for following along if you want to see more videos like this hit the subscribe button Which I still haven’t learned which side it’s on but it’s down there somewhere. Give me a big thumbs up It means the world to me share this video with your friends get everyone signing along I hope you have a lovely Christmas season, and I will see you next week for more videos. Bye guys You

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