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How To Learn Sign Language


Hello my lovelies I hope you are well Welcome back to BSL with me Charlie and I just want to thank you guys for all the lovely comments I’ve had since coming back and Restarting this channel. It’s all been so wonderful and positive. So, thank you so so much And before we go any further, I just want to apologize in case you can hear the rain I just got back from holiday and it’s literally chocolate down outside So I’m hoping it’s not gonna be too distracting and I was thinking in a few weeks time of doing a deafness Q&A So if you have any questions about BSL and SSE the deaf community Maybe your experiences or my deafness journey anything at all? Just comment below I will read all the comments as usual and I just thought will be a nice Video to get this dialogue between us started. So without further ado our topic today is useful words now You might meet a deaf person at your work or school and these words are just to help you get through a basic conversation So let’s get started first off We’ve got Name you’re going to do a two finger salute from your eyebrow like this so name again name Next we’ve got help you’re gonna have one flat hand like this. Then you’re gonna put a thumbs up on top So help and you can do it like do you need help or? Help me again help Help you Help me the next word you see we do this in every single video it is again and it’s like a little two finger – so again, again again Next we’ve got deaf and you’re gonna do a little two finger tap to your ear so deaf again deaf The next word is hearing you’re gonna go one finger from the ear to the chin. So hearing again hearing Next we’ve got translate you’re gonna have one flat hand and you’re gonna go scoop and flip, so translate it again translate The next word is learn and you’re gonna scoop everything you blown from your brand. So learn again learn Then next we’ve got live you’re gonna bend your middle finger like this and give your shoulder a little scratch so live again live The next word is work. You’re gonna have one flat hand like this. The other is gonna go diagonally on top So you’ve got a little X like that and you’re gonna tap twice like that so work again work The next word is dead. You’re gonna open your arms. Just like this so day again day Next is night. You’re gonna do the complete opposite so night again night We’ve only got two words left. The next one is outside. You’re going to curve your hand like this and point outside. So outside again Outside and the final word is understand. You’re gonna do a little flick by the side of your head. So understand again understand Well done guys I know that was a lot of words to take in if you need to go back and just revise what you learnt that is totally fine If you want to carry on I’m just gonna give you a few examples of how these words can be used in senses So are you ready? Hello My name is char Lie Charlie What’s your name? You deaf hearing which Sorry Me don’t understand Again, please slowly and the last one is I’ll meet you outside After work, well done guys to following along I know that was a lot to take in if you want to see more videos like this hit the subscribe button, which is somewhere Here give me a big thumbs up because it means the world and I’ll see you next week for more BSL. Charlie. Bye guys You

6 Replies to “BSL Level 1:3 USEFUL WORDS”

  • Hi Charlie, I have one question: Is there any sign for small words like "and", "of", "is", "if", "by" "with", "but", "are"… i really want to know. Thank you for the video and for the attention. All love ♥

  • Your videos really help, I’m learning sign for my cousin she has downs and struggles to communicate verbally so this is very helpful

  • Another great video. Love it. Again just some general feed back. You would say "your name what? I know you know this but if you are teaching people "what's your name" as its using english order. But keep up the good work

  • Thank you so much for this, Love you. I have a question. How do know blind sign language? If you do can you do a tutorial.

  • Liking your new videos though I’m right Handed is there any difference between left signing and right signing, thanks

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