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How To Learn Sign Language


Hello guys and welcome back to BSL with me charlie and Welcome to a brand new series where I’m gonna help breakdown level 1 make it super easy and super fun for you guys, and our first topic is Greetings. Now the first thing that people normally ask is does it matter which hand you use and the answer is yes, and no So you need to use a hand that is most comfortable for you. I am a lefty So I’ll be using this hand, if you’re a righty You just need to copy the screen and if you’re a lefty like me You’ll need to flip what I’m doing to make it comfortable for you. So let’s get started First up is Hello. You’re gonna do a basic wave just like this Then goodbye the same thing you’re gonna do a basic wave just like this Next is good morning. You’re gonna do thumbs up shoulder shoulder Good morning again Good morning Next is good afternoon. You’re gonna go thumbs up and two fingers off the chin. Good afternoon again Good afternoon Next is good evening. You’re gonna go thumbs up and then make it nighttime Good evening again Good evening Next is nice to meet you. So you go draw a smile with your thumb Bring you two people together and point to the person so nice to meet you again Nice to meet you Next is how are you? You’re gonna stroke your chest and do a big thumbs up. How are you? Again, how are you? Next is excuse me. You’re gonna go e.x me that’s e.x Me, so, excuse me again Excuse me Now, please and thank you are exactly the same. So please and Thank you Then see you later. You’re gonna go. See you later Bit sassy, I like it. See you later. And Finally, I must go Sorry, so me Must go then you’re gonna rub your chest and say sorry we must go. Sorry Well done guys for your very first lesson here at BSL Charlie now I’m gonna give you a test just to make sure you’re all following along. I’m gonna sign something but not speak and See if you can understand what I’m saying. You ready? Okay, if you think you know the answer comment below I will read all the comments and if you want to see more videos like This hit the subscribe button below and I’ll see you next week for more BSL. Charlie. Bye guys

59 Replies to “BSL Level 1:1 GREETINGS”

  • If im serving a customer who's hard of hearing what should i do? Im able to rotate my till screen and show them, or they can lip read or i can sign but doing all 3 at once means they cant look and focus on one thing so im never sure how to approach a situation. I usually choose not to sign as im afraid ill lose track of what they're saying and seem ignorant but then not signing makes me seem rude and ignorant too. Helpp???

  • Cannot wait for more of these videos! New subscriber and just completed my first BSL lesson. Thank you!! 😀

  • What did you sign after how are you? Before the thank you… these are great videos, looking forward to learning more! 😀

  • Fantastic! Love it. But one thing I noticed and what I've been taught is "Must" is a model verb and goes at the end.

  • Hi Charlie! I did BSL Level 1 in 2009 at Darlington College. Forgotten most of it now, as I couldnt afford Level 2 at the time 🙁 You from up here somewhere by the sounds of it?!

  • hi Charlie you rock I tried a few videos for BSL and I'm gelling with yours the most so I'm sticking with you. thank you your doing a really great job

  • I think you said,
    Hello, nice to meet you, How are you?
    I’m fine thanks.
    I must go. Sorry. See you later?

    My girls are just doing a home school class on Deaf Awareness. Going to try this video with them later and see how they get on. They should already know most of these but we’ve not seen our deaf friends so much lately so getting a bit out of practice. Even my 3 year old knows a few random signs. Jelly fish and helicopter are his favourite. 😂

  • This is true
    I’m learning this because
    I might be going deaf
    Of what happens to me on a daily basis
    Tysm for this
    I need it

  • I think the alphabet should have been lesson 1 due to the "excuse me" sign.. BUT I almost, kinda, sorta, nearly, absolutely do NOT remember any of the alphabet other than the vowels 😂 so I was okay.

    Thanks for these tutorials 😊 I've always wanted to learn and I hate that I can't always be inclusive of deaf people. It's even worse when working retail and not being able to communicate with customers.
    It should be taught in schools!
    Thank you 😊

  • Ooh quick question. I know in ASL (I've watched a show called Switched at Birth.. Its really good) that deaf people tend to give you a sign for your name if there isn't one already. Instead of having to spell it out which can be quite long of somebody has a very long name lol.
    Does BSL do that too?.. I know yours is Charlie and you signed Charlie so I imagine my answer is yes lol.

    What would the sign be for my name instead of spelling it? 😊

  • Hello, nice to meet you. How are you? I'm good thank you. I must go now. Sorry. I'll see you later.

    Not sure if i got it right but that was fun thanks

  • First time in work today when two deaf guests had trouble trying to say that they’re looking for their hotel room. I felt so bad I could see the frustration in eyes. I was extra pissed at the other guests in the queue who were very impatient with us. I’m glad that I can learn some bsl from you, thank you 😊

  • Me and my friends are going to see if we can get some people in our school to sponsor us to only talk in sign language for a day, maybe more, but we have to learn some more, as we only know the alphabet, so this is really helpful, thank you. You got a new subscriber.

  • My friend has extreme anxiety and prefers to be mute sometimes and we both have decided to learn bsl to communicate and this is extremely helpful thanks

  • Amazing! Thank you! Keep them coming, please ! I have also seen “please” signed by some people by slightly curl/tuck-ing in towards their chin to distinguish from “thank you” where it goes outwards/away from chin.

  • Hello I am really enjoying these videos think you for sharing the knowledge!
    My hearing has recently started to deteriorate and it is really starting to make things difficult. My wife has done bsl level one and two with her job and took an interest in it when she was showing me and it turns out I'm really enjoying learning it and recourses like this are very helpful thank you 🙂

  • im half deaf (only in 1 ear) and ive decided just incase i loose my other side i wanted to start learning sign languages, this was a massive help to get me started before i start classes!! thank you <3

  • I (probably, it's currently undiagnosed) have asd, and sometimes I don't want to speak, so I used to finger spell instead but I want to get better at BSL

  • My 6 year old son started asking me about sign language, so I found your videos to help us both learn. Even my 2 year old has started signing Good Morning to us!

  • Wow I didn’t think bsl would be THAT different from asl since they’re LITERALLY the same language except for the accent and a few phrases and words

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