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Breathing for Executive Communication

[breathing] Breath is the fuel of life, and ideas are
made up of life. When we make the connection between our ideas
and breathing and communication, we set ourselves up to be very effective when we speak. A recent study by neuroscientists shows that
when we take concentrated breaths, we actually can change the activity in our brain. They say that we can create more calm, more
focus, more concentration. Wouldn’t you want to be focused in your communication? Wouldn’t you want to be able to think well
and speak well when you’re public speaking? Well, breathing is the foundation, and that’s
the first principle this year that I want to introduce to you to help you with your
effective communications. We’re going to need a chair for this exercise,
and I’m going to go ahead and grab my chair and you grab yours. Now that you have your chair, I’m going to
ask you to sit down, and sit with both feet on the floor and go ahead and lean back, and
just take a couple of breaths and just notice your breathing. Notice if you feel your breath high in your
chest, or do you feel it lower in your ribs. As you sit here, I want you to close your
eyes, and I want you to take five long deep breaths. Each breath, I want you to be more and more
concentrated on how deeply you can go, and feel your ribs expanding against the back
of the chair, that’s the idea. You need to feel your ribs expand, and contract. Take two more long breaths. You’re breathing in through your mouth, maybe
even making a noise, and on your last breath, really focus on the exhalation. Now you can sit forward and you can just breathe
naturally. I hope you feel more calm, and the beginning
of being relaxed. Deep breathing is not just for Yogis. I hope you enjoyed that breathing exercise. To learn more about how to use your breath
in your communication, get in touch with me about executive coaching, and let me help
you to really reach your personal best and reach your effective communication skills. I’m here for you. Thanks for watching my channel. Remember to like, to share, to subscribe to the
by Jill Diamond channel, and come back next time for my next communication skills principle.

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