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How To Learn Sign Language

Breaking Words into Syllables: Using Hand Gestures

Young children learn that words have
syllables. In order to help them learn how these syllables work in words, you can use your visuals even as easy as your hands to show them, here’s the word but when we take it apart, it breaks it into syllables. When we use visuals to teach children, it helps them remember the skill. Okay, I’m going to say the word together. You say it, and we’re going to take it apart. Okay, fists ready. Doctor, doctor, doc – tor. Letter, letter, let – ter. After, after, af – ter. Present, present, pres – ent. Candle, candle, can – dle. Tablet, tablet, tab – let. Rabbit, rabbit, rab – bit. Girls do it, slowly. Girls do it, slowly. Say it, Slow – ly. Slow – ly. Good job. Boys do the next one. Party, party, par – ty. Good job. Everybody, banjo.
Banjo, ban – jo. Good job.

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