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BREAKING BAD | ASL – American Sign Language

HELLO! Recently, we discussed how we would sign … You know DEAD CL:5 “FLOCK-TO” You know that TV show, DEAD CL:5 “FLOCK-TO”? That is “The Walking Dead.” Do we spell it out? Do we abbreviate it TWD? How to sign that show? We all know that is a TV show, which means we should fingerspell it, right? It is a title, so yeah, we should fingerspell it. But if you discuss it often, what would you do? Friends and family knew that you watch that show, and discuss it. So do you fingerspell it all the time? Nah. That brings me back to the point, why I sign it this way, DEAD CL:5 “FLOCK-TO”. First, I look at the subject or noun, which in this case, the Dead. These signs for walking are for one person. The word “Dead” is in the plural sense. So CL:5 is used to show plurality. CL:4 is also used to show plurality, however, it looks too organized. People would have to think and be in order. And it looks like it is limited to four people. So that is why I don’t suggest CL:4. I think that CL:5 shows people flocking. That is what dead people typically do, when they hear something, they flock to it. So this is the CL:5 I am using. DEAD CL:5 “FLOCK-TO”. NOw, let’s put that aside. I’ve been thinking about different TV shows. Do those have signs? Yes, several of those do. Like for example, The Bachelor. Some of you watch The Bachelor or Bachelorette. It has a sign, come on. We don’t spell it out BACHELOR or BACHELORETTE. We sign BACHELOR. THAT. Now, I’ve been thinking. I looked on the internet. I stumbled upon a list of, you know, most popular TV shows. There was a certain show that I remember fondly. Back then in 2008 when I watched, it went on through 2013. During that time, one of the most popular TV shows, you know what it is? That is “Breaking Bad.” I am curious as to how you sign that TV show. How do you sign it? For that TV show, I’ve seen some people sign BREAK BAD. BREAK BAD? That concept is inaccurate. BREAK (literal) NOPE BREAK (escape) NO. BREAK (escape) BAD NO. That isn’t the right concept. Know that “breaking bad” is also a phrase being used among hearing people in the southeast. That English phrase is typically used in that area, “break bad.” I looked into that phrase, analyzed what it meant. I learned that it meant… It meant that someone who previously have been a law-abiding citizen, but then skirted the edge of the law. That person became a criminal just outside of the law, people don’t realize it but he/she has been breaking the law. Another meaning is when someone who followed the law, and then became a criminal for selfish reasons, with disregard for others, and made things much worse. That is what happened with the TV show, “Breaking Bad.” You remember the character, a guy named Walt? You remember that he was curious about something and wanted to try it out. Then something really wrong happened, and things became worse from that point and on. It was hard for him to go back, and sweep the past under the rug. He couldn’t do that. He was stuck. What was done was done. So it was a huge mess he couldn’t get out of. Things were not the same ever again. Things got worse. So that mess that got worse and awful. So here’s my sign for that TV show, “Breaking Bad.” I like that sign for BREAKING BAD. Cool. What do you think? Coming up soon, I think in 2015, will be a spinoff of Breaking Bad. Do you know what it is? That is “Better Call Saul.” I wonder how you sign that? If you want to discuss that, please hold on to that for when I make a vlog soon on how to sign “Better Call Saul.” I am still curious as to how you sign that show, “Breaking Bad.” From 2008 to 2013, how did you sign that show? I’m curious. As for me, I sign it like this. THUMBS-UP! ASL THAT!

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