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Body Language – How To Connect With Anyone On Stage

– [Man] In person, you get
to feel Dan’s authenticity. – [Man 2] I don’t have
other mentors that have gone as far beyond my
expectations as Dan has so far. – [Woman] How do you keep 5,000 people around the world engaged
for 6 hours at a time? That is no small feat. – [Announcer] Mr. Dan Lok! (audience applauds) – You guys have the most powerful precisioning methods and
breakthrough is the strategies. – A first time customer at
best, is a good prospect. Write it down. – [Man] The principles that
I’m going to show you today that are literally going
to be game changers for your business, if you apply them. – [Woman] It’s so special
to have such a good teacher. So structured, so common sense, and to have the business
acumen at the same time and the heart. Oh my gosh. (swelling triumphant music) (piano music) – So, as a transform closer, as a speaker you need to learn how to use
your body language, right? How to move or how to use
that to create energy. To create emotions. Doesn’t matter how good your script is, your speech is, if you cannot move or touch the audience emotionally, no one’s gonna do anything. No one’s gonna buy, they’re
not gonna take the next step, they’re not gonna do anything. Yes? You need to , and the
best way is connection. I can tell you right
now, you just connect. You connect with the audience. They can help because they can feel it. When you connect with them,
you’re talking to them. Very very important. And sometimes when you want
to connect with people, they don’t want to connect with you. That’s OK. You keep trying. You keep trying. Because when you keep
trying, they will see it. They will say, “Oh!”. Just like how when you’re
doing the exercise, yes? When you’re doing the exercise, how, when your partner doesn’t
want to connect with you, but you want to connect,
and sometimes it takes a little bit of time.
It takes a few seconds or a minute, 2 minutes to go into it. But once you can do that,
you learn how to do that. Because once you made a connection, everything that you say
now is going through. Like the old saying, People
don’t care how much you know unless they know how much you care, right? Once they know you care,
then whatever you’re saying is going through. Now they’re OK. I’m
registering. I’m listening. I’m paying attention. Right? But if they’re not, it’s just like Oh, you’re just a speaker
and you’re doing your thing, they don’t care about that. But once you can make that
connection, then it works. Make sense?

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