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Body Language for Networking Communication

(energetic music) – When your networking,
there’s a lot of anxiety. You want to come across always
as trustworthy and credible. You want to move into that room away from entrances, move into
that room, and take up space, get yourself a drink in your hand, okay? And place it at kinda naval height, here, and as you talk gesture from this area. This is gonna get you calm and assertive and get you feeling strong and confident. Get a drink in your hand and
gesture from that naval area. When you’re meeting with client, it’s very easy to go to some
of our support mechanisms, the things that make us feel good, and one of the things
that make us feel good are these things here. Why, because this one’s mine. When you’re anxious, you’re
liable to reach for this and get involved in this. And look, there’s no bad
behaviors or body language, but it maybe doesn’t send a
great message to those clients if it feels like you’re more
engaged in something else and not with them. Here’s something you can do with your kids to help them be great communicators. When you meet somebody, the handshake. You want a firm handshake, which really says, “Look, I’m vital, “I’m alive, I’m here with you now, “I’m very, very present, “and I’m not ill, and I’m not dead.” Try and get them away from
getting into conversations with their hands down by their sides, get their hands elevated, ’cause that will get them excited if they’re up at chest area. There’s lots of trust and credibility when they do open-palm
gestures at naval height. I’m Mark Bowden, and I’m an expert in human
behavior and body language.

6 Replies to “Body Language for Networking Communication”

  • Love these hacks! Would appreciate a much longer video, kind of like a podcast.
    This is one of my absolute favourite topics continuously study.

  • I originally came across your ted talk and I became obsessed with body language. I indulged all of my time in studying, I became a student of life. I am a server at a restaurant and have been able to use each table I touch as an experience. I must say I’m quite proud of the communicator I’ve become. Also the tips went up an average of 6% a evening. & for that I thank you! I’d love for you to me you one day!

  • Your videos are inspiring. Now, do you have any video to help me teaching? I'll explain: I teach Portuguese Language and Literature – Skype lessons- and the only thing my students see is my shoulders and my face and hair- no arms, no hands.
    What advises do you have for me, sir? Thank you. Greetings from Portugal.

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