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BIRTHDAY Variations | ASL – American Sign Language

Hello everyone! What is today? My birthday! October 7th. You may be wondering why I am making a video on my birthday. What is up with that? Oh, hold on. There are variations for signs for BIRTHDAY. I am going to tell you the five variations for BIRTHDAY. Maybe some of you have seen these before but I am going to go ahead and show you these. Okay? 1) The most widely used sign for BIRTHDAY is this. That is the sign for BIRTHDAY. 2) The second variation for BIRTHDAY is this. Why? Because when a baby is born, it “arrives”. 3) The third variation for BIRTHDAY. It seems to be an old one. 4) The fourth variation as shown, the K on cheek means CAKE or BAKERY I’ve seen it used where? In New York. 5) The last one, tugging the ear. I’ve seen it used in Pennsylvania. Anyways, some are old, some are regional. There are variations out there. Now, I am going to grab the opportunity to sign the Happy Birthday song. except that this time I am going to use all of the variations. Okay? HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU. HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU. HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR WHO? ME JOE. HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU! Now, I’m going to have to think of a wish. Hmmm. Oh, I know.

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