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Betty en NY | Capítulo 114 | Telemundo Novelas

CC: TELEMUNDO NETWORK This place produced clothes
using your stolen designs. Until we have evidence, I ask you all to be discrete
regarding this issue. If everything we’ve been told
is true, Daniel is in serious trouble and I don’t want him to flee
or shirk his responsibilities. Who gave you all this? Joaquin. Betty, I’m so happy to see you. Joaquin, what are you doing
in New York? I wanted to surprise you. Yes, I’m surprised. Remember Armando? Yes, of course. How could I forget him? Yes, how are you? Wonderful. Happy to see my Betty again. What brings you by? Work, vacation? I’m here to stay. Oh. Wow. Didn’t you just open a store
in Miami, though? Yes, but I’m not a salesman. I don’t have to be in each city
where I open a store. Plus, I have bigger plans. Which I’d like to discuss
with you, Betty, in private. Sorry, but it’ll
have to be later. I have something
more important to tell her. All right, what’s the emergency? I have to get back to work. So do I. Couldn’t this wait until later? No, Inesita. This can’t wait
another millisecond. What I’m about to tell you
is the gossip of the year. Girl! Stop beating around the bush
and say it already! Shut up!
Let her talk! Okay, okay. Take a deep breath. What I’m about to tell you
could change the course of your lives, and it’ll definitely change
a Squad member’s life. It’s not what you’re thinking. Of course not.
It’s much worse. You were with that loser Nicolas
at Beatriz’s house. What? Don’t tell me that you two
are best friends now. No, Marce, not at all. Let me explain. All this is a front. So I don’t blow my cover
as a spy. I don’t believe you! I swear! It was the only way I could
infiltrate enemy territory. I know you. Look at how happy you are. This loser Nicolas obviously
has you in his grasp again. Look at your face. You look like
a lovesick teenager! You think? No, no! Of course not, Marcela. Absolutely not. I don’t look like that
because Nicolas and me only have a physical connection
because… he’s so sweet to me. He’s fooling you! All those people are the same. All of them! This is all part
of their Machiavellian plan. They… No. What? Don’t tell me that you
and Nicolas already… No! No way! I would never do that. Yes, you did!
I know you! How could you? Gross, Patricia!
How could you? You know what? Every day I’m more convinced
that you want to be some frumpy, penniless loser
who lives in Jackson Heights. That’s what you want. Of course not, Marcela! No! This is the designer
I told you about! I saw him walk by once. He’s much better looking
in person. He’s so hot. Hey. Did you ever think our Betty
would come back and become the president
of a fashion company and the face
of a European design house? No way. We never would’ve imagined it. She’s a good friend
and very smart, but she’s not the pret… Say it already. Betty was a little ugly. Don’t look at me like that. Would you have said
she was pretty? No, no. Don’t push it. No way. On the contrary, she’s a… She’s… Doesn’t matter. What matters here is this guy. It’s unbelievable. First, he flooded the city
with pictures of Betty. Then, he sent her
an entire flower shop. And as if that weren’t enough, now he pays her
a surprise visit. Hold on, girls. What does that mean? That he’s interested in her. Interested?
Not exactly. He’s head over heels for her. Of course. Because ugly girls’ luck… How did the saying go, meatball? Doesn’t matter
to us pretty girls. I’m going to go make coffee. Beat it, nosy. Nothing worse
than a nosy gossip! My dear Giovas. Is it true that they call you
the rattlesnake now? Because all you do
is drag yourself. Have some dignity. Plus, you’re making us real men
look bad. Hey, take it easy, man.
Take a deep breath. I’m a good guy. I don’t curse, I help people
cross the street, and I shower daily. Why the insults? What do you mean why? I was going over
last night’s security footage and I saw Giovas laying
a big one on Aura Maria. That woman is only using you! And as soon as she snaps her
fingers, there you go running. That’s not even the worst part. The worst part is that you’re
hurting Mariana and that makes you a sewer rat. Well, I understand your concern, my dearest safety custodian, but the truth is that all this
was Mariana’s idea. We’re pretending to date,
but we’re not dating. We are, but we’re not. It’s all to make
Aura Maria jealous so she can realize the kind
of man she missed out on. Give me a break.
That’s pretty messed up. It’s pretty genius too, though. Is it working? You saw the security tapes. I can tell you one thing. This guy right here rules and
leads over Aura Maria’s heart. And not a word out of you. We have to face the facts
about what’s going on today. It’s the beginning of a new era
for the friend zone members of this office. Now the girls are screaming
and lining up. How about that? Go, Giovas.
Go, Giovas. The Spanish designer is here? He came for Beatriz? Who does this woman
think she is? What do you mean? She’s the most famous woman
in Manhattan. Make no mistake. Any minute now she’ll take your
place as executive of the year. Are you crazy? Of course she’s not. That woman will never,
ever be at my level. Never! Marce, she doesn’t have to be. Looking the part
is more than enough. She owns a company,
has a hot guy chasing her… Shut up already. I know Joaquin.
He has good taste. Beatriz must be a whim. I wish I were the whim
of a man like him. Look, Marce, I think we have to
accept things as they are. Being ugly is in style. We have to get
with the program… or we’re out. My dear and elegant damsel, allow me to hand you
a meticulous and detailed report of all of my activities
from the previous evening. Are you working late today? Like the tender and romantic
Kama Sutra says, “maybe yes, maybe no.” Look at what
my horoscope says, Sandra. “Libra, you will become
the victim of a betrayal. Oh, no. This app never let’s me down. What sign are you, Aura Maria? Sagittarius. Pardon me? Sagittarius. Sagittarius? Sagittarius, let’s see. “Sagittarius… some opportunities only come
around once in a lifetime. Don’t let them pass you by.” Does that mean anything to you? Let’s go see Bertha. Let’s see what hers says. Bertha. You should’ve seen
Aura Maria’s face when I told her
that my horoscope said I would be betrayed. I bet. It came straight from
the fountain of horoscopes. You know what? What? I made it up! My horoscope really said
I was going to have an unforgettable encounter. I hope
it’s a hundred dollar bill. That’s what I need. Now that’s unforgettable. We’ll split it. What’s up, sis? Stop! Hi. Hi, girls. Ms. Malu is waiting for you. Mariana, will you show him
where her office is? Sure. I’ll tell you how it went. Yeah. Stop. Hey. Sorry, but between us,
how does this suit look? I bought it for a wedding
two years ago. I think it looks good,
very good. Really? Yes. Thank you. This way. So, Sandra, why did
your brother come? What a shame. I’m already taken. Bertha! He’s my brother. Doesn’t anyone work around here? Armando. Marcela Valencia? It’s been so long. Joaquin de Quiroz? This is the last place
I thought I’d ever see you. At my company. Well, here I am. You two know each other?

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  • En esta version de Bety es el mas feo Don Armabdi que he visti wue el colombiano el brasileiro el Indu el Mexicano si yo fuera el productor lo hubiwea puesto de Tomas y de Armando a Daniel y de l novio de Aura Maria a Tomas en ese orden a estos artistas

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