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How To Learn Sign Language

Benefits of Teaching Your Baby Sign Language

The experts put a twist on communicating with
your infant. Before they can even speak, babies have the
ability to learn and use signs that could make understanding your babies so much easier,
believe me. Erin Stauder is joining us with more. Some basic sign language that you can teach
your little ones. Thank you so much for coming in. Thank you for having me. Why is this so important? Um, it’s important because setting up positive
communication and positive language experiences from day
one with children sets them up for positive educational experiences later in life. Sign language is just
one thing that parents and caregivers can do to promote those positive language and
communication interactions, decreasing frustration and just having a little
bit smoother routines in a busy household. I told you I did it with both of my children. My ten-month-old definitely knows more – she’ll
put her fingers to her mouth for food but we didn’t get too
much farther. At what point is she too old now. She’s 10 month. What
age do you want to start teaching these skills? So it’s important to know that it’s never
too late. We at HASA really work with the families at
least to determine what their needs are and then help
them decide on signs that are important to them for whatever
stage their child is at. So, if your – daughter or son? Daughter. If your daughter’s ten months old and she
loves to read, your can teach her book. If she loves music, you could
teach her music by doing the sign for music. But it’s never too late. That being said, it’s also never too
early. So, just like parents enjoy talking to their
children as soon as they’re born. Caregivers, nurture their
babies, sign language can be used for those same experiences. They learn it so quickly. Is that why this is important? My daughter, you know, both of my daughters
were able to sign much quicker than they’re able to
talk. Yup. So, how is that and why is that? Well, um, speech is a very complicated motor
task. Using your hands to sign is also complicated
but slightly less complicated than producing verbal speech. So, as soon as children can sit up and have
that kind of trunk support and core stability to be able to start
waving their hands around or using their hands, they can start
producing those signs, which is going to be much earlier than children can verbally produce
a word that can be understand by their parents. And, when it’s been a long day, understanding
what your child wants and needs is pretty crucial. Laughs. Very helpful in your life. It’s very helpful. It decreases frustration. It makes everybody happier at the end of the
day to know that your son or daughter isn’t tantruming just
because they’re tantruming. They’re tantruming because maybe they
want milk. Right. Maybe they want some water. Maybe they want to eat because they’re hungry
and so giving children those tools really just helps the whole family communicate
more effectively. And you remember it throughout your life. Yes. I think my husband and I have learned a few,
too, that can help you as you grow. Absolutely. My husband didn’t know much sign language
before he met me, but now he and I use it all the time
to communicate – either across a crowded room, across the pool when we’re there with the
kids or to be able to sneak some things
Laughs You know instead of spelling
Yes You know, the secrets that you want to talk
about that you don’t want your children to know. And it’s not always perfect. My daughter, when she’s all done, kind of. It goes more like this…so, you know
does it need to be perfect? Do we want to correct those, or? It doesn’t need to be perfect. As long as they’re communicating. Yup. As long as they’re communicating. Again, we at HASA really work really hard
with the families to, um, help them, help the families interpret the signals
being given to them by their children and so if this means
all done, we’re going to reinforce it, ‘cuz it’s a great way to communicate. Thank you so much for coming in
Thank you And of course, if you guys need help, go see
them, they’re great.

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