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How To Learn Sign Language

Beginner BSL Tips

Is it distracting that sunlight? oh my days So bright Hello my lovelies. I hope that you are well, welcome back to BSL with me Charlie the weather’s a bit weird today it’s gone from like torrential rain to now like blinding Sun I’ve just like closed my curtains and So it might turn a bit rainy halfway through who knows and I have been away for the last two months working So I’m so sorry that I haven’t made a video, but I’m back now and guys I’ve got a schedule. I’m gonna be making like weekly videos so please stay tuned for that and I just want to thank you all for the love and a little comments and all the new subscribers who have joined the channel it Does have you here welcome I’ve had a few requests to do a Q&A So I’m gonna do it next week I’ve read all your comments on here under my insta and Twitter which is at Charlieraine6 If you don’t follow me if you’ve got any last-minute questions you want to send on through just ping them my way and I’m gonna cram as many questions and Topics into the video now today’s video is all about beginner BSL tips I hear from a lot of people who want to learn BSL But they don’t know where to start where to look and they kind of want to try before they buy So if you are BSL curious then this is the video for you Tip number one, let’s just get straight into it tip. Number one is right here. It is YouTube it is free There are so many amazing BSL youtubers out there So I suggest watching as many as you can get a feel for what works for you what style you like to learn in whether it is sine songs, or broken down into topics of conversational skills nursery rhymes Whatever works for you have a try of them all and see which is about you – before you Tip number two is online courses now if you check websites like Groupon or wowcher They often offer like an introductory course really cheap I did one years ago on Groupon for like 20 pound and it meant I had all the resources on my laptop for a year so I could like dip in And out and get a feel for it and although you don’t get the certified qualification and I think it’s still a good like Taster to see if you want you See you in future tip number three is to learn with somebody else whether that be a friend or a family member A bit like going to the gym or any new skill You’re more likely to commit to it If you’re doing it with somebody else you can motivate each other and test each other and then just progress together tip number four Which I think is a really good one is to watch BSL interpreters. I Have so much respect for BSL interpreters. I think they are such unsung heroes they get no any enough praise or Recognition that they deserve I have so much respect for them. So I suggest watching them like when you’re watching the news or Emmerdale on a Sunday, you’ll see them in the corner of your screen Watch them, maybe turn down the volume on your screen and see if you can still follow the storylines by what they’re signing Same as going to the theater if you’ve got to see you sure maybe see if there’s a BSL version and you can like dip in and out of watching the interpreter and the performance and again See if you can like pick up your sign here and there tip number five is to check out local deaf clubs and events and know that this is dependent on which area you live in and how accessible and Active that area is so just have a little google I know in London that there are a lot of like deaf clubs and meetup groups for people who are learning to practice together and I know if you are a beginner It can be quite intimidating because you don’t Want to be the newbie and you don’t get science wrong or offend anybody but the best way to learn is to just throw yourself In the deep end surround yourself with people who are also learning and support one another Which kind of leads me on to tip number six, which is do not be afraid to make mistakes learning BSL It’s hard. I think it’s often underestimated how difficult it is people like Moe. You’re just moving your hand You’re just doing that you’re not you learning a different sentence structure a different lip and different grammatical format that you’ve got to get your head around it is hard and It’s all care to make mistakes. The best way you can alone is to ask like how do you sign that? What is the sign for that word? What’s the sentence structure for this sentence? That is the best way to learn to mistake and not being afraid of asking questions Tip number seven. There’s only two left when le there tip number seven is to find a technique that works for you Everyone’s brain is wired differently and everyone absorbs information in different ways Some people learn by writing down some of visuals some are practical some are receptive My friend for example owns a side by doing it ten times and then she’s got it. She’s got like muscle memory I learned by doing it in front of the mirror. I’m very visual and like to like picture myself doing the signs it’s not weird and so find your way of learning whether that is through song or right and side down or Do you mean from the mirror with me not with me, but like? In your house in front of your mirror doing your thing. Oh My goodness, and by the way that is best for you to learn and the final tip Which is probably the most obvious tip is to go along to a class to do the courses Have a look at your local schools colleges private Institute’s that do the courses Do a chance the session see if you want to just do level one or if you want to go all the way to being An interpreter see what is best for you. There you go guys. Those are some of my favorite tips for learning BSL I hope that they’ve helped you if you want to share your tips. Leave them in the comments below I will read all of them and respond to you guys as always have a lovely day And I will see you guys next week. Bye guys You

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  • My struggle with yt at the minute is that a lot of the videos are basic signs and beginner sign and once you know them that's it. Do you have an reccomendations for yt who carry on with more signs after basic ones?

  • really useful tips, I really enjoy signing song's, and started learning as i have a non verbal child who would love to sing and of course can't so if he learns to sign he would be able to have a voice through his hands ..

  • Hi Charlie thanks for a great video. I after missing out on a local course I've decided to watch YouTube and learn the signs. But as I wasnt very good at school I'm struggling with the grammar and how to sign sentences in the right way

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