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Beginner ASL Similar Signs: Learn the differences – gray, football, wrestling, roommate, and machine

Hello, I’m Meredith, and today I’ll review
five signs that students tend to confuse. Why? Because the hand shape is similar! So I’ll show you the differences
so you don’t mix them up. Number one: the color GRAY.
That’s the “5” handshape: GRAY. The fingers kind of pass through each other, see? GRAY / GREY. GRAY. GRAY Number… hold on, actually,
I’m gonna add one more, so altogether six: The sign “doesn’t matter”. it’s like gray, but the fingers are
closed, the head shakes “no” — “doesn’t matter” Or “not important”, “no matter”, “doesn’t matter”. So, “gray”, “doesn’t matter”. Okay, moving on: FOOTBALL.
This sport is also the “5” handshape but now the fingers are not like this — I’m
gonna turn them up and interlock, so pick them up and then collide. It’s like two
teams colliding. Football See? FOOTBALL. FOOTBALL FOOTBALL. Okay, a different sport: The
handshape is again a “5”, start like this — so we *start* in this
position, and then the movement is: WRESTLING. So “5”s again: WRESTLING. WRESTLING WRESTLING WRESTLING Again: WRESTLING, different from FOOTBALL. WRESTLING WRESTLING Okay, and if you live with someone,
who is that? Your ROOMMATE! So now we have the “5”, but it’s bent, and the hands face in: ROOMMATE. ROOMMATE See? ROOMMATE. Roommate. Roommate. It’s again interlocked there, make sure.
ROOMMATE. And last, again this bent “5” handshape, But now the movement is different:
MACHINE, or FACTORY. Interlock the fingers: MACHINE. It’s like gears are turning: MACHINE. Machine Machine Machine Okay? Let’s review… Again: GRAY, NO-MATTER, FOOTBALL, WRESTLING, ROOMMATE, and MACHINE. So again we have the
hand shapes are similar, but the movements and the orientation
of the palm is different. All right, last time to review… Thank you for watching! I hope that this
helps you review and practice, and see the differences of these signs. if you
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to you. Thank you again and I’ll see you soon. Bye!

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