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Beginner ASL: Similar signs at chin and cheek (LIE, PIG, DIRTY, FROG, DRY, and more)

Hello! Recently, I’ve gotten many
questions about different signs that are similar — related to either being near the
chin or the cheek, and using different hand shapes like these and then “X” — many
with the X. So I’ll show you and you won’t confuse them anymore!
Are you ready? But first: Did you know that I have a special email group where I send
out different information related to learning ASL study, practice, includes
signs, grammar, practice sentences, tips for learning, different things! So if you
like my teaching style, what should you do? Sign up! At LIE LIE: the hand brushes against the chin in
a straight line. or LIES “You’re lying.” “Ooh, sorry, I lied.”
or “He’s lying.” PIG The fingers bend, and the hand stays still: PIG. DIRTY The fingers wiggle. DIRTY FROG The fingers flick out. FROG it’s like the legs of a frog jumping. FROG. One version of CEREAL. CEREAL
The “1” bends into an “X” as you move the hand across the chin: CEREAL DRY The “1” into an “X” moves toward the same
side as the arm. DRY METAL The “X” handshape moves outward from the chin: METAL. SNEAKERS Running shoes — you can sign
handshape brushes downward, sort of at the cheek area. SNEAKERS SHOES SNEAKERS, SNEAKERS I’ve seen it closer to the mouth or at
the chin. SEX The “X” handshape *taps* against the cheek,
once up and once down. It touches and then it releases,
and then touches again. RUBBER RUBBER, sort of drags against the
cheek, again palm out in an “X” handshape. The material RUBBER SHAVE So now the “X” handshape, the palm is
facing *backward*, still the “X” — SHAVE. The hand doesn’t actually have to touch the
face; it can. Or, use a “Y” — SHAVE. SHAVE. And you can move that sign, depending on
where — your face you would shave or shave. Maybe the leg: SHAVE. L-E-G, LEG, and then
show shaving. Or armpits — it depends where. Or in general: SHAVE Thank you so much for watching! if you
liked this video and you want to learn more ASL, don’t forget to click like, plus
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videos. I have many more here for you and in the future. Thanks again, and I’ll see
you soon. Bye!

11 Replies to “Beginner ASL: Similar signs at chin and cheek (LIE, PIG, DIRTY, FROG, DRY, and more)”

  • That was a mouthful Meredith. Great video as always. Wow just thinking what it would be like to sign all signs at the mouth and chin. Woe LOL Thanks for keeping it short and simple.

  • Hello Meredith how you!! I love watch on you most! You look good on shows I like act for lies ! You lie ! Same me lied oop! I didnt lie well honey okay have a nice wonderfully with you Meredith. Take care hug bye. Orestes

  • Can you do a video about signs for animals that are very similar? Alligator and crocodile, hare or rabbit, which birds have their own signs and which don't etc. Also confused about words for gender/age/group, like chicken vs hen vs rooster vs chick, or how odd words like a "pride" of lions or a "murder" of crows are discussed. Thank you!

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