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How To Learn Sign Language


– I’m back baby. (drum music) – I’m about to go live on Facebook. Going to look swole. I’m kind of joking, but kind of not. I don’t know what’s real
and what’s not anymore. Hey Justin, catch. (cheers) Ugh. I need a minute. It’s day three of the Here to Hear tour. I’m going to do this every day because I think it’s important. I want to start every day
with a moment of gratitude. Today, I’m going to start with gratitude for every audiologist I’ve had. Two in particular, Danny and
Steve, my two main squeezes. Two audiologists I’ve had in my life. I appreciate everything you’ve
done for me, so thank you. Second thing I want to get
to is the thought of the day. Adventure is good. Every adventure is worthwhile
and that’s Amelia Earhart. The song of the day, I want to do a song. I love music. Today’s song of the day is by
one of my favorite musicians, Mac DeMarco, and his song is
called Dreams from Yesterday. I love that song because
that song is all about not letting your dreams pass
you by, not waking up one day when you’re old and gray like,
“ah man, I wish I would have done this; I wish I would
have followed that dream”. You want to do this puzzle with me? United States of America! Just got the warning. Battery is going dead. I don’t know if you know this secret, but I read about it or something. You take the sticker off your battery. You don’t put it in your
hearing aid right away. You wait a couple of minutes
because I don’t know what the science is behind it,
but it will last longer after you do that. I don’t know much, but that’s
one of the things I do know. If you move it around in
the air, it works quicker. That may be true, may not be. Out with the old, in with the new. I’m back baby. United States of America,
we’re coming for you. California, into Oregon,
and by tomorrow, Washington. Got the whole west coast
in three, four days. Thanks to this guy right up here. Thanks Mike. You know what, it doesn’t
seem that impressive. I’m looking at the map here, it’s only a few inches you’ve driven. I love chess so much. – Do you have a thought out strategy. – No, that’s why I’m so bad. – Me either. – I play chess like I live life. One move at a time. – Exactly, it’s the only way to do it. – No, actually probably
the worst way to do it. I’m calling Allie Hewitt, she’s
a friend I met on Instagram, and she knows ASL. She’s going to teach me a little bit. Let’s call her up. Hello. – Hi. – Hey, how’s it going? Can you teach me a few things right here? – [Allie] Start with the basics. – The basics. – [Allie] Hi. – That’s hi. – Yeah, just a salute. If you’re really excited,
you can do the two. – I can go … okay. – Can you go extra with the bye? – Bye. I learned the sign for Canada. – You learned the sign for Canada? What is it? – Yeah, you’re going to love it. You just do this. – Aw, that’s amazing. What’s America? Oh, okay, like a melting pot. Home. Dog. – [Allie] I’m sure they sign it. – Is that home dog did you say? I don’t think I’ve ever
said home dog in my life. I’m learning sign. Learning’s good; that makes sense to me. Then after you learn
it, you can forget it. Okay. – [Allie] Yeah, I wouldn’t advise that. – I’m not trying to, believe me. – [Allie] Yeah. – It just does it on it’s own. Thanks Allie. – [Allie] Bye. – Bye. – [Allie] Thank you. – We are outside the Nike
employee store in Beaverton. Are we in Beaverton right
now, Beaverton, Oregon? And that Jill has a friend
who had a hook you at the Nike store, and normally I’m not
into rampant consumerism, but when somebody says they
can get you a sweet deal at the Nike employee store,
you’ve got to go and get the flashiest kicks you’ve bought
since you were ten years old. I feel like I’m going to
run to that tree and back. You ready? – [Cameraman] Yeah. (dramatic music) That was fast. – I’m a bit concerned by how
out of breath I am right now. I’m going to run a 10k every
day for the rest of the tour. I’ve got to stop saying things
that I can’t live up to. Now that I’ve caught my breath, let me say something for real. October is disability awareness
month, very important. I’ll tell you why, because
I am a comedian, so I never really intended to set out to
be an advocate for anything. I just wanted to be funny. Now that I’ve kind of attracted
some sort of notoriety, people have reached out
to me with hearing loss, with all sorts of disabilities. They kind of look to me,
not a lot of people, but some people say I’m inspiring
for whatever reason. Here’s the thing, the reason
why disability awareness month is so important. A very smart man once told
me, wish I could remember his name, but I met him in Toronto. He was a disability advocate. He told me, “you’re either
disabled or you’re not disabled yet”. We all get older. We’re all one accident away
from something happening. Disability awareness month is
about compassion, being able to step outside of yourself
and realize that people are living all sorts of different lives. They need our help, whether
it’s with institutional help, or just in our day-to-day living. So, disability awareness
month is very important to me as a man with a disability,
but it should be important to you whether you have a
disability or not because people are people. Compassion is what makes
this world go around, not to spew cliches over here. It’s very important, not
just in October, but the rest of the year to have compassion
for your fellow man, fellow woman, and be able
to step outside of yourself. That’s why it’s important to me. There’s a moment of seriousness. Why can’t I talk? When I get sincere, I
lose the ability to speak. My brain’s like, “hey, what are you doing? You’re a comedian. Stop being so serious”. It’s very important; thank
you for listening to my rant. Hello, or goodbye rather. It’s the end of the day. We’re here in Portland, Oregon. We drove all the way
from Redding, California. A long day on the road, but a fun day. We stopped at the Nike store. Yeah, that’s right. Got some sweet new kicks. Feeling pretty fly right now. I want to thank Allie for
teaching me ASL today. Thank you Allie. That’s the end of day three. Thank you very much for tuning in. We’ll see you tomorrow. Tell your friends. Subscribe, share, like. Do all that fun stuff. Let’s spread the word and
remember disability awareness month, so be nice to everybody whether they’re disabled or not. Let’s all be kind to one another. There’s your cheesy thought
of the day to end day three on the Here to Hear Comedy Tour. Peace. (techno music)


  • My 7 yr old has a hearing aid. He has had 3 surgeries on his ear due to Cholesteatoma. He is really enjoying your videos! You have a new subscriber!

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