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How To Learn Sign Language

Basic Sign Language Phrases : Sign Language Phrases: See You Later

Today we have been learning some simple easy
basic things to say to a deaf person in their language. Remember these are just basic things.
We are learning from nothing. We don’t know anything we are just doing the basic. After
you meet someone, you talk to them, you don’t just walk away. I’m going to say, “See ya
later”. Now we are going to go over that. Or you can say, “Nice to meet you”, we already
went over that. Nice meet you. You can say “Goodbye”, Goodbye, remember you facial expression.
You want to be positive. You want to be happy towards people you meet in your life. So we
say, “Goodbye” or you can say, “See you later”. Three signs, See you later. See you later or you can just say see later,
you don’t have to point, but you can if you want. See you later, later, see you later,

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