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How To Learn Sign Language

Basic Sign Language Phrases : Sign Language Phrases: Nice to Meet You

And today we’re learning easy, simple things
to say to a deaf person in their language. And we already went over facial expression,
how to introduce yourself with your name. “Hi, my name is” whatever your name is. What?
And afterward you can say “nice to meet you” so, nice to meet you. So flat hands “nice”.
It’s two fists with fingers up, “to meet you”. Nice to meet you. And shake their hand. Now
you say “my name is John. Your name what? Nice to meet you”. Again, “nice to meet you”
and shake their hand. And remember we’re excited to meet people. “Hi, I’m John, nice to meet
you”. We’re not going to do that. We’re so, you want to match your facial expression.
Hi, nice to meet you. Shake their hand. Easy, real basic.

8 Replies to “Basic Sign Language Phrases : Sign Language Phrases: Nice to Meet You”

  • I think it's funny that asl is basically caveman talk, you take out the little words like to and really just say nice meet you, but mean nice to meet you. Which is even more interesting considering most deaf people are smarter than the average bear. Simply because they actually have to pay attention to understand what someone is saying to them and not just rely on tone of voice.

  • @aRoseByAnyOtherName have a deaf friend, and facial expressions and mouthing words mean allot. i am glad there are some small words missing because id forget them easily. I think the best thing about my friend is that sometimes he can read lips

  • @dancerfeind Always, always use your dominant hand for signing and fingerspelling. So if you're right handed, always use your right hand.

    This guy uses the right signs, but his grammar is totally wrong, and the videos are completely creepy with how he keeps looking off to the side. And even at the end, his 'happy' facial expression is freaky as hell!

  • How do I follow this specific guy? I think he did a great job. My soon to be husband has a wonderful daughter in law and she is deaf, I would like to be able to have conversations with her.

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