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Basic Sign Language Phrases : Sign Language Phrases: I’m Tired

And today we’re learning easy, basic, simple
things to say in sign language, American Sign Language to a deaf person. How do you say
“I’m tired”. You won’t say, “I’m tired” or “I am so tired”. “I’m so tired now”. “I am
so tired now”. You wouldn’t say like that because it doesn’t make sense because I’m
not, I’m all pepped up, ready. So if you’re tired, “ah, I’m so tired”. This is the sign.
Keep your hands flat, put it right here in your chest and, “I’m tired”. “I’m tired”.
You come home, you come home which later in the day and you meet somebody who’s deaf,
“oh tired”. You want to match it, “I’m tired”. “You’re tired”? “I’m tired”. “Tired”. Whew”.

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