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Basic Sign Language Phrases : Sign Language Phrases: I’m Thirsty

And today we’re learning easy, basic things
to say in American Sign Language. Remember I’ve stressed this all the time, we need our
facial expression to match our sign. “I’m tired”. “I’m hungry”. “Hungry”. Match it.
Otherwise it won’t make sense, they won’t want to talk to somebody who is boring. I’ve
known none who likes a boring person. Don’t be boring. That’s boring. You’re bored. Okay
and we’ll say, “I’m thirsty”. “I’m thirsty”. Now you point your finger right here that
you just want something right here, “thirsty”. “I’m so thirsty”. “I’m so thirsty”. That’s,
you don’t want to say like that. “I’m thirsty”. “I’m thirsty”. You know, depend on how thirst
you are. If you feel like, shhh, you got cat in your mouth and you’re super thirsty, just
be like “I’m thirsty”. “You’re thirsty”? “I’m thirsty”.

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