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How To Learn Sign Language

Basic Sign Language Phrases : Sign Language Phrases: I’m Good

And we’re learning easy basic things you say
to a deaf person in their language. And we’re already went over how to introduce yourself,
“Hi, my name is John”, “your name is what”, “it’s nice to meet you”, “how are you”. Now
they’re going to reply and then ask you how you doing. So, “how are you”? They’ll say,
“good”. So you say good, “good”, or I’m fine, “I’m fine”. So that, “I’m fine”, “I’m fine”.
“How are you”? “I’m fine”. “How are you”? “I’m good”. So when you say, “how you”? They
turn say, “fine”, or whatever they say. “I’m fine, good”. “How are you”? What you’re going
to do? “I’m good. I’m fine”. Or, “okay”. Deaf people they say a lot, “okay”. “Okay”. Easy,
simple. Simple, doesn’t need to be complicated, they’d be happy with anything simple. “Fine”.
“I’m good”.

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