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How To Learn Sign Language

Basic Sign Language Phrases : Sign Language Phrases: Are You Hungry?

And today we’re learning easy, basic, real
basic things to say to a deaf person in their language. Now, we’re not only going to learn
how to ask things, “how do you sign, hungry?” Hungry. How do you sign hungry? They’ll tell
you. Hungry? Hungry. You want your facial expression to match your sign. Let’s go to
five easy signs, really easy. Hungry. I’m hungry. How are you? I’m hungry. Not, I am
so hungry. You wouldn’t say that. You would say I’m so hungry right now. You’d say, “I’m
so hungry, let’s get some food.” So we match the face, match the signs. I’m so hungry,
hungry. Are you hungry? You hungry. And it’s like you’re looking at them. Hungry? You want
to match your face. Hungry?

8 Replies to “Basic Sign Language Phrases : Sign Language Phrases: Are You Hungry?”

  • I am working on a feature film at the moment and one of the hero cast has to learn how to say "Are you ok?" in sign language. Please help!

  • gingerwithasoul
    — obviously know nothing about Deaf culture. Deaf people do have their own language — actually there are many forms of sign language and ASL is considered seperate and discrete from english. It follows its own syntax etc. I'm sure someone deaf or hard of hearing would be more than happy that ppl are watching this video and trying to make an effort to bridge the gap in communication.

  • it seems that "thirsty" and "lust" are signed the same, am I wrong? the samething with "hungry" it looks like "desire"

  • Thanks so much for posting all these videos! I am a hearing person and want to learn ASL so that I can talk to any deaf or hard of hearing person! Why ruin your chance of making a great friend just because you don't know their language 🙂

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