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How To Learn Sign Language

Basic Sign Language Phrases : Facial Expressions in Sign Language

And today we’re talking about easy, simple
things, very basic things to say to a deaf person in their own language. And they will
appreciate that. We’ve already went over how to introduce ourselves. One thing you want
to remember is that you want to remember, And I want to remind you, is your facial expression.
If you say how are you? Oh, I’m good. I’m fine, I’m good. And they turn to you, how
are you? I’m good. Do I look like I’m good right now? Look at me. I’m good. No, you have
to your facial expression needs to match it. Smile. See? Hi, if you’ve met someone, you’re
speaking English, hi how are you? I’m good, how are you? Nice to meet you. You’d smile,
wouldn’t you? wouldn’t you Now their language you can just signs. it’s facial expressions.
Half of it’s your facial expression. If it doesn’t match what you’re signing, it won’t
make any sense. Remember, when you meet somebody, or you say I’m fine or I’m good, make sure
you’re not lying. Make sure it’s on your face. I’m good.

4 Replies to “Basic Sign Language Phrases : Facial Expressions in Sign Language”

  • Hello, friend!
    I'd like to learn more ASL. I'm an Interpreter of signs language from Brazil – LIBRAS – Língua Brasileira de Sinais (Brazilian Signs Language ). Your videos are so good to learn. Congratulation!

  • That's true, but there is much more to facial expression in ASL than just showing emotions. Facial expressions and other non-manual markers have highly important grammatical functions for the language. NMMs signal breaks in discourse. Adjectives and adverbs are often found only on the face, not the hands. Descriptions of length of time, distance, and intensity are also often expressed non-manually.

  • Facial expression is very importante no matter if it is Brazilian Sign Language or American Sign Language, since it is Sign Language we have to learn how to express our feeling by facial expression. Very nice this video!

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