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Basic Sign Language Phrases : Emotions in Sign Language

And now we’re talking about facial expressions
with American sign language. Before we go anywhere, let’s go to facial expressions,
a little bit more. Now if I’m saying, by walking into the room. And I’m talking to someone.
How are you today? I’m good. How are you today? I’m sad. How are you today? I’m so happy,
right now. It doesn’t, it doesn’t, people might think you’re sarcastic. It doesn’t work.
So if you say, I’m happy! Look, let’s look the same as the sign. If you said it, I’m
happy. And that wouldn’t make any sense. So, I’m happy! I’m sad. I’m angry. Or I’m frustrated.
It has to match, what you’re saying. Otherwise, it won’t work. They’ll just look at you and
they’ll be confused. So we want to have it match our sign, that we’re doing. Whatever
it may be. Just break out of your shell. It’s o.k. You want to maybe, look in a mirror to
try. You know, you won’t pick it up, all at once. But over time, practice. You want your
signs to match your face. Otherwise, it won’t make any sense.

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