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Basic Conversation | Russian Language

Hey, guys, how are you doing? My name is Fedor and this video is about basic Russian conversation. Which is like “hey how are you? how are you doing? I’m fine, thank you and good bye” So, let’s start with hello. In Russian hello is привет, привет. Which is an informal Hello, we do not say it to our teachers or strangers, because it’s just a little bit rude becasue it’s informal. We say that to our friends or relatives, so it is привет, привет. And we have a couple of ways to say How are you, How are you doing. Just like in English, how are you? how are you doing? how is everything? And, let’s do it in pairs. It’s like question and answer, because the answer is going to depend on the question. Just like How is everything?- everything is good. And How are you?- I’m fine. So, the answer is gonna to depend on the question. And the first one is Как дела? Как дела? Which means how is everything. How is everything going kind of. And to answer that question, we say Хорошо. Хорошо means good, or Плохо when it’s bad. Хорошо and плохо. To ask the same question back, it’s like and you? We say а у тебя? And how is yours? So, how are you doing? Everything is good, and how is yours? So, to say how is yours? we say а у тебя? А у тебя? Another one is как ты? Как ты means how are you? So how are you, like personally, how are you? And to answer that, we say Я хорошо or Я плохо. So Я is I, and хорошо and плохо, you know that, it’s good and bad. And to ask the same question back to the person, we say а ты? А ты means and you? So ты is you, а is and. А ты? А ты? So Как ты? – Я хорошо, or Я плохо, а ты? So it’s How are you? I’m fine, or I’m bad, and you? And that last one is quite interesting, becasue it’s going to depend on who you ask. If it’s a girl, you say Как сама? If it’s a guy, you say Как сам? And it’s very informal, it’s more of a slang phrase. And it means how is yourself? So, it’s very very informal. But we don’t say it that often, but yet we say it. So, I think it’s good for you to know this phrase. And to answer that, we say Хорошо or Плохо, which is good or bad. And А ты?, which means and you. So, let’s recap all the how are you questions. Как дела? Which means how is everything? Хорошо, а у тебя? Good, and how is yours? Как ты? Which is how are you? Я хорошо, а ты? I’m good and you? And lastly Как сам? or Как сама? Which is how is everything? Хорошо or плохо, а ты? And let’s finish it up with how to say good bye in Russian. Good bye in Russian is Пока. Пока, it’s very easy to pronounce. Пока And that’s all guys. Thank you for watching, I hope you enjoyed it, I hope you liked it. And if you did, give it a thumbs up, and do not forget to subscribe for more videos like that. And I’ll see you later, Пока!

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