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Barbie – The Twins Love Luvabella | Ep.164

Barbie – The Twins Love Luvabella (Baby noises) You stinky! (Baby noises) I not sure what he have for breakfast, but it not smell good Alright Mister! Time to change your diaper Oooh! I do it? That’s alright Isabelle This might be messy Wait right there! Ok, now I ready to change Tommy’s diaper Ha ha! Thanks Isabelle, but I’ll do it Oh… You like your lunch Tommy? Belle Oh, how cute is he… I feed him Daddy? That’s alright Annabelle I can do it You go play Oh, but we want to help… I hold Tommy now Mummy? Or me I can hold him too It’s ok I think he’s starting to fall asleep so we’ll finish watching this and then I’ll put him to bed Wait! I get his bottle! No, it’s ok… Isabelle… I got it! Not now Isabelle I know you’re trying to help, but… It’s Luvabella! From the moment she opens her eyes, Luvabella will amaze you with her true-to-life facial expressions and movements! Feed her, cover her eyes for a game of peek-a-boo, tickle her tummy and toes to make her giggle, or listen to her heartbeat Luvabella is just like a real baby The more you play with her, the more she learns! Discover so many real baby surprises with Luvabella! Luvabella, bring love home today! Wow…! Here it comes… Mummy! Can we get Luvabella? Please? She does look like a really nice doll How about you wait and we’ll get it for your birthday? (1 hour 47 minutes later…) You couldn’t wait could you But she so cute What have you got there? We get Luvabella Luvabella? Oh! That’s that new baby doll I saw it on TV She looks so real! Come on Mummy! We have to get her out of the box! Alright, alright! Here she is! Wow! She does look real! Put her here Mummy! Hello Luvabella! Wake up Luvabella Ooops! Sorry I forgot to turn her on (Click!) (Baby noises) Wow! She’s amazing! (Baby noises) What she saying? She’s talking like a real baby (Baby noises) Why don’t you tickle her feet? Tickle, tickle Luvabella (Laughing) Ha ha! Oh boy! She is like a real baby Look who I found standing up in his bed Hi Tommy (Baby noises) Looks like someone is looking forward to their bottle Oooh! Wait Daddy! Huh? Good boy Drink all your milk Good girl Drink all your milk She definitely like her milk! Good job Isabelle! That’s enough Tommy Time to burp (Burp!) That’s it! Good boy! I wonder if Luvabella burp too? Let’s see You need to burp little Luvabella? (Burp!) Excuse me! Wow! That a big burp! That’s so cool! She’s just like a real baby Hey Luvabella… Peek-a-boo! Peek-a-boo! She does peek-a-boo too! A boo I think Tommy like Luvabella too! She look like she getting tired now Annabelle You right Let’s put her to bed Come on Tommy You can have a little sleep before dinner Shhh! What’s wrong? Hey! Luvabella sleeping Yeah, so you have to be quiet! You want to share a bed with Luvabella Tommy? (Baby noises) I’ll take that as a yes Belle That is so cute! Now out you go Daddy Luvabella need her sleep Ok, ok! I’m going Have a good sleep Luvabella Why are you in a rush girls? We have to check on Luvabella soon Yeah, it nearly time for her dinner too (Baby noises) I can’t believe how real she is Auntie Chelsea! Why you get Luvabella? She woke up! Auntie Chelsea… Ok, ok I woke her up Bring her here Auntie Chelsea It time for her dinner Some dinner for me… Some dinner for me… And some dinner for Luvabella Yum, yum, yum, yum, yum! Wow! Look at the way she’s chewing her food And look what happens when I put her toy lamb near her face (Kiss!) Lamby! (Funny! That is so cute! Oooh! Oooh! And look at this! (Laughing) Mama No way! I have to get my own Luvabella! Go put you pyjamas on now girls You have preschool in the morning (3 minutes later) We back Luvabella! Hey! Where Luvabella? You might want to check with your Daddy… Daddy! What you doing with Luvabella? I think she’s tired again Oh look! She got her soother in her mouth Wait until our friends see her They’re going to be amazed Mummy, we take Luvabella to preschool? Well, I suppose As long as you take care of her We will Alright, everyone up to bed (Baby noises) Luvabella looks very sleepy She have a very big day Thank you Mummy for getting us Luvabella Yeah, thank you! She the best baby ever! You’re welcome Goodnight Annabelle Goodnight Isabelle And Luvabella too Silly me! Goodnight Luvabella Goodnight Mummy (Click!) Hey! Where am I supposed to sleep? Sorry, there no more room in this bed But… You go sleep with Mummy and Daddy Oh great! I have to listen to Ken snoring all night! Goodnight Luvabella! Love you Mama! (Kiss!) Awwww… (Baby noises)

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