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How To Learn Sign Language

“Balayınız için bir jest!” | Elif 728. Bölüm (English subtitles)

Gotta go now, talk to you soon. Come in, Ms. Rana.
Is there anything happened? Yes, there is something. – What are these, Tarik?
– It’s not “Tarik”, Ms. Rana, it’s “Mr. Tarik”. We’re only colleagues at the end of the day.
You were the one asked to use “Mr.” and “Mrs”. I should remind you. Tarik, cut it short.
I asked what these are. Tickets. Plane tickets. To Bali. I got that part. Where did these come out from? Didn’t you read the note? I just wanted to make you a gesture as your boss,
for your honeymoon with Cem. Tarik, don’t make me go insane! Why are you so furious? Or would you like to go
some place else, instead of Bali?

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