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How To Learn Sign Language


OH!MOTHER F**K Shut up What!?That’s disgusting and creepy NO.I get my kid on the weekends He’s a really good kid. I don’t really get along with mom very well. Let’s try other example What? This little boy got paid by rattlesnake, and he was gonna die,but it’s didn’t suck the venom out OH Hey!Guys thanks so much for subscribing click the left video to watch behind SCENES and bloopers from this video and what starts with F and ends with UCK Find out in our music video by clicking the video on the righr here’s the thing about saying firetruck It starts F and it ends with UCK So when ever you’re in trouble or out of luck You no longer have to exclaim “OH F**K” And of course you’re on a moible device click all links down in description below including the link to buy the song


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