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How To Learn Sign Language

Baby Sign Language with my Cousin

Can you do some signs with me? Is that cool?
Can you do goat? Goat? Cow! Oh, cow! Okay cow. Can you do… Horse! Yeah horse, nice!
Brown horse! Oh brown horse, nice okay. Can we do… Goat! Oh goat, goat, alright we’re
doing goat now. Um, how about… bug? Bug. Bug! Uh what about… Aunt! Oh aunt! That’s
a different kind of aunt. Spider! Oh spider! How about um can we do Sunday? Sunday, can
you do that one up here so they can see it? Sunday nice! Um, how about can you do mouse?
Mouse! Mouse! How about, what do you think? Dog. Dog? Can you do dog? Slap the side, slap
the side. Yeah, how about… there’s mom! Mom! Can you do mom? Do mom? Oh nice! Boo-boo.
Boo-boo, yeah you’re right. How about dad? Dad. Dad, nice! Wait do you have a sister?
Say sister. Say sister! Sister. Sister! Nice! Um, how about… William! William. Can you
sign it? William. Ah! I’m just gonna push on it, ready? Push. How about um family? Can
you do family? Sign family! Family. Family. Family! Nice!

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