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How To Learn Sign Language

Baby Sign Language: Other Helpful Signs | Parents

[ MUSIC ] For awhile there is this gap. Children
understand something but they can’t say it yet. So what we do by offering these signs
is giving them a tool for expression at a time where they otherwise wouldn’t have it
just yet. The sign for where. Is like this. You wave your index finger back and forth,
where. The sign for dog, you tap on your leg and then you bring ha, your hand up and rub
your fingers like so. The sign for cat, you mimic the whiskers. You can use one or two
hands, cat. The sign for hot, you bring your hand to your mouth and you turn it away. It’s
like you’re putting something hot in your mouth. The sign for cold. You shake like this.
That’s cold. The sign for stop. One hand chops down on the other one. Stop. Go. You point
two fingers away from you. Go. The sing for please. You make a circle with a flat hand
on your chest. Chest. THat’s please and then the sign for help. You have one fist with
a thumb up and the other hand underneath it. That’s help. And the way it works it goes
I help you, you help me. [ MUSIC ]

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