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How To Learn Sign Language

Baby Sign Language: Meal Time Signs | Parents

[ MUSIC ] Some key things to keep in mind
when you are signing with your child is, first of all, to make eye contact and hold their
gaze. And secondly, to hold your hands in their line of sight. So they can actually
see you. And see the sign when you’re signing to them. The sign for eat, or food, it’s the
same sign, you bring a hand to your mouth. Food, or eat. The sign for drink, you mimic
a cup, and you bring that to your mouth. Drink. Drink. Then the sign for more, you pinch all
your fingers together, and you tap your hands. More. For almost all babies, this is their
first sign. More. And then the sign for all done or finished. You bring your hands away
from your body. It’s like a twist of your wrists. All done, or finished.

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