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How To Learn Sign Language

Baby Sign Language interview with Rocco and Angelene

…..and apple. We’re just learning signing this morning on “A” Morning talking about the advantages of being able
to communicate with your baby before your baby can communicate with you by speaking.
We have Charlene, and we have Angelene and we have Rocco over here as well who is going to talk to us through sign in just a few minutes but we want to talk first of all as to what age group are we are talking about when to introducing baby signing. We’re hearing about this more and more.
What age group can I start teaching my baby this? Well Cheryl we generally target about 6 months is primarily when you can start. We have some that have started younger but we say 6 months
because of course if you start sooner then that it’s difficult to sort of sustain the patience to continually
work with the child and teach the child; yeah so about, about 6 months. And Angelene how old is Rocco. Rocco is 9 months. And you’ve been trying to introduce baby signing over the last few weeks.
Yes. Yes And how has that been going for you. Very good; he’s not actually signing but I think he’s starting to understand. So the idea is that every time you’re saying something you’re using the signing (Absolutely) and then he’s picking up on what that means so that he’s able to do that back to you so you can communicate with him (Exactly yes) .
Totally makes sense; and the fact that I mean babies at this age are already trying to communicate with you, right now exactly.
By the sounds he’s making; the cooing and the crying (mmhmmm) and he’s trying to tell you something:
So it makes sense that this would be, this would be successful. Why use the American Sign Language?
Well we can take in Sign Language as an image on the right side of the brain and you take in sound on the left side of the brain, so it allows you to access both parts of the brain so you have both ways of recalling. It shows that advance studies with children that it helps them learn; there was a study done on some children that at 2 years old the ones that had learned sign learned approximately 50 more…. [br]they had a vocabulary of 50 more words then their peers that didn’t know sign. [br]So and it helps of course with the level of frustration and communication with the parents and…[br] Ok so that explains my next question which is the fact that some have concerns
maybe that my child let’s say was learning this; would that delay their speech at all down the road. No no…well I shouldn’t say no it doesn’t make sense that it would because when you’re signing with your
baby you have a tendency to repeat your words so when you’re signing a book-there’s a …
like a brown bear book and you repeat the word continuously umm they baby will learn the word faster.
They will start to repeat it back. So it just it gives them more access to more words. Is he wanting food is that what that means? (Im just wondering) Yes he might want some Cheerios. Um Angelene, how is signing
with Rocco helping your family? How is it making things easier for you as a mom? We’ll I am hoping that it will help alleviate frustration when he’s a little bit older. I mean he can’t
communicate with us verbally
that he’ll be able to tell us what he needs and what he wants by signing.
Reduce temper tantrums that happen in stores (hopefully) That’s a good time…the reason that temper tantrums happen is because the child generally can’t communicate with the mom and dad
to say (absolutely their frustrated) ….exactly the frustration level .
So if Rocco can tell you what’s bothering him hopefully there won’t be any of that. Well if I could just tell you a really quick little story (mmhmm)
This friend of mine she has her daughter who was at 10 months was signing. Started to sign about 9 months so she started to work with her at about 4 ½ months.
And she was sitting in her high chair one day and she was having her Cheerios and she asked if she wanted more Cheerios
And she threw the cheerios on the ground. And she said “well obviously you don’t want more Cheerios.
And she said she wanted “more cheese (while signing)) and that was the first time that she had actually
been able to not just communicate to her what she wanted but that she actually thought about it; that she just said more cheese. (Wow) So she gave her the cheese and then that was fine; everything was o.k.
Wow wow (yeah it’s pretty amazing) (at 10 months ) that’s so weird to think that such a small individual can a
ctually communicate like that. Yes yes Bye Rocco can you say bye bye…say bye bye…bye bye…Say bye bye…bye bye
He’s still learning,
he’s still learning Well thank you very much ladies and gentleman
(thank you thank you) for coming in today and talking to us; we appreciate it The web site is SMARTHANDS.CA if you do want more information.
Lots of studies there as well to talk about some of the research that’s gone into baby singing. That’s right Say Good Bye…bye bye

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  • if you dont know sign language start practicing when baby is in the womb or asap… i taught my daughter starting at 3 months and by 5 months old we learned "milk" and "up". it doesnt take a genius people… just have fun with it. stay with it too…dont give up. parenting can be loads of fun and so can knowing with your baby needs rather than throwing that stupid pacifier in their mouths 🙂

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