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How To Learn Sign Language

Baby Sign Language: First Food Signs | Parents

Signing with babies can make your life a lot
easier, and a lot more bonded because rather than guessing what they want, they can tell
you by signing. The sign for milk is a very iconic sign like you’re milking a cow. I always
recommend that moms who nurse in particular use one hand. It’s just a bit more subtle,
and generally while you’re nursing or bottle feeding you tend to have one free, one hand
free so this is milk, one hand works fine as well. The sign for cereal. You mimic a
bowl. You mimic a spoon and you bring it to the mouth. That’s cereal. Cereal. This sign
for apple. You have a fist, with your index finger sort of crooked. And then you twist
it by your cheek. That mimics the apple. Then the sign for banana. This is the banana, and
you peel it. That’s a banana. The sign for peas. You have one finger out, and then you
tap. To sort of mark the peas. The sign for carrot, it’s like you’re holding a carrot
and you go like this. That’s carrot. Then the sign for water, this is the w and you
tap it by your chin. That’s water. So this is the shape. You tap it by your chin for
water. And then the sign for juice, you have your pinkie out and then you mimic a letter
j, that’s juice, juice.

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