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How To Learn Sign Language

Baby Sign Language / Cute signing baby

Hey what’s your name Fireese
Fireese, that’s right! And whats daddy’s name Moe
Moe that’s right When you’re teaching baby sign language you have to realize that they are not going to make the signs perfectly so you have to watch for sign approximations. Hey Fireese, what’s the sign for silly. Silly! See how she touches the nose like that,
it is actually the Y handshake like this but I still know that she is doing silly. Or shoes, what’s shoes.
Shoes She does this for shoes,
but shoes is actually like that but that is okay as long as they are going to make the sign you will understand what they mean. Right?
Right! Frieese can you say thank you? Thank you,
Thank you! What is the sign for milk? Milk, Good! And what is the sign for Daddy?
Daddy! yeah, what’s the sign for mommy? Mommy! That’s right, how about grandma? Grandma.
Grandma! Good Girl! And whats the sign for cheese Cheese.
Cheese! How about Cheerios? Good Girl!
What’s the sign for dog? yeah!
How about bear, whats the sign for bear! Bear, Do bear again, what is it? Good girl, how about cat? Yes, how about fish. Whats the sign for fish? Thats right, fish! And how about baby? Baby,
Baby! I feel Happy,
Happy, whats the sign for happy? Happy, good. I get mad. Thats right, I act silly, Good Girl I feel Sad! Excellent! I can Laugh, HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! And I can cry thats right, cry. I feel proud. Good girl. I act shy, whats the sign for shy? Baby,
The Baby’s Shy, do you know the sign for shy? Shy!
Good girl! I am? Me!
Thats right, I am me! Shirt, shirt A shirt, thats right, its a shirt. Thats right, Any hey, what’s this? What’s that?
Shoes! Whats the sign for strawberry, do you know the sign for strawberry? Thats right, strawberry! And avocado, whats the sign for avocado? Avocado, good girl! Thats right. And how about carrot, whats the sign for carrot? Carrot,
Carrot! Good girl! Can you say please? Please
Please, Good girl. Can you say thank you? Thank you.
Nice, good. Whats the sign for again? Again, so do you want me to read the book again, what do you say? Again Mommy, good. Help, when you need help what do you do? Help Now that my daughter has learned that everything has a sign it is really easy to teach her a new signs she learns new ones everyday. Fireese, do you know the sign for cold? No, she doesn’t know the sign for cold. You wanna learn, ready? This is cold. Can you do cold? Do cold. Thats right, cold.
What’s cold? See she can learn new signs all the time. Do you know what this is? Book. Book, yes but that is an elephant, do you know what the sign for elephant is? She doesn’t know the sign for elephant yet. Look at mommy, mommy will show you. Fireese, look at mommy. I’ll show you the sign for elephant, look at mom. This is the sign for elephant. Elephant, can you do elephant? Elephant, good girl, elephant. How about cow, do you know the sign for cow? Mooo!
Mooo! But do you know the sign? No she doesn’t know the sign for cow. Ready, mommy show you. Cow, can you do cow? Cow. Good girl, cow. Cow. See its really easy for her to pick up signs now that she understands that everything has a sign. Whats the sign for bug? This is another new sign she doesn’t know. Ready! This is the sign for bug. Can you do it? Bug, good girl, bug. See I just have to show her the sign once and she does it. Bug, good girl. Who’s a smartie?

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