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How To Learn Sign Language

Baby Sign Language (ASL)WEBCAST from Tiny Talkers

Hi! My name is Shira. I’m the owner of Tiny Talkers baby sign language
education. I teach a really popular class here in the
Portland Oregon metro region called “Baby Sign Language 101” which is a parent/caregiver
workshop and it also is available for those of you that don’t live locally as a WEBCAST. It’s about 2.5 hours and it’s filled with
solid information with everything that you’re going to need to know to get started in being
successful signing with your pre-verbal child. The convenience factor of watching a webcast
is that you can watch it in your own home and you can stop & start as needed. You can go back and review something if you
need to and you can go at your own pace. You are going to learn: the benefits of signing
with your baby, how your baby’s brain develops, how to determine signing readiness, when to
expect results, how to increase your child’s vocabulary and early language skills. How many, when and why to introduce signs. We are going to learn about 80 signs and they
are the most commonly used signs for ages 6 months to about 5 years of age. We are going to learn how to teach abstract
signs and how to recognize when your child is starting to sign back to you as well as
some troubleshooting strategies. Plus, you are going to get a PDF that you
can download with 57 pages filled with information and you can go to my website to learn more
about what is included with that. All it takes to get started is to go to
and follow the link to purchase the webcast and you can start watching right away! If you know someone who just had a baby, I
also offer a gift certificate to this class which is a great gift! It’s the gift of communication and that is
a gift that will truly keep on giving throughout the child’s first couple of years. Thank you for all of your support! Head on over to the website and check out
the webcast or if you are local check out a workshop! Thank you!

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