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Hi my name is Teeny you know a lot of
our friends ask us how is it that we were able to potty train our first born Lauren when she was only four months old well today I wanna share our tips and experiences with
you with the help us second born Sophia here and she’s only two months
old now actually my mom was the one who taught me how to
potty train our first baby Lauren mom said that back in Malaysia where she’s
from most babies are taught to use the potty when they’re only a few months old so after some online research I found out
that babies are easiest potty trained from birth to there about six months old babies
like most living creatures have this want to be really really clean and they
actually signal before the poop or pee pee if after six months the baby’s forced to
rely on just doing the business in diapers they either forget or ignore this
natural instinct to signal when they need to go so the first thing
you want to do is to get a potty for Lauren we started off with one of these
simple plastic bucket like potties from Malaysia it goes with us everywhere and was a
real lifesaver to use on a 23 hour plane flight when Lauren was only eight
months old we’re thousands of feet up in the air and after 10 minutes we have poo poo see instead of a plastic potty what you can
also do is to hold your baby over the sink like what I’m doing with Sophia here
which I personally prefer when they’re young and lights because of
the really easy cleanup it’s important to note down your baby’s
usual pee pee and poo poo times I do so in a log book as when you
actually want to do is to bring them to the sink or potty just before they actually need to pee pee
or poo poo also observer baby signals just before she
needs to pee pee or poo poo for Sophia here she lets me know by
pausing during feeding and kicking her legs sometimes even points down to privates
to let me know she really wants to go once I see Sophia signaling to me I
rush her and hold her over the sink and make this sounds “shhhhhhhhh” to encourage her to pee and “mmmhhh mhhhh” to encourage her to poo poo it doesn’t always happen instantly
sometimes I have to wait a few minutes but more often than not she rewards me
with pee pee or poo poo or both! after she’s done it’s a quick wash up with water pat dry
with a towel and then we pop on the unsoiled diaper
or use a fresh one she even has a look a satisfaction
afterwards okay so after potty training Sophia
here for about a couple weeks now I actually find that she’s actively
telling me when she wants to poo poo or pee pee and believe it or not she’ll even hold the poo
or pee for me just before we reach the sink I really enjoyed the process of
potty training both of our girls I mean it’s really amazing that their able
to communicate to us at two months that they need to go pee
pee or poo poo some final tips that really helped me
during the whole potty training process include being really in tune with your baby being really observant about her her
actions and stuff I found myself going like who’d you go
to poo now what you gonna pee you know and be really persistent and to
be really patient and I wish you all the best in your
potty training process and I really hope this video helps thank
you for watching okay so if you guys wanna share any of
your experiences or have any questions at all do write them in the comments
column below and remember to please subscribe and
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