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Baby Names That Mean Something Inappropriate In Other Languages

The language barrier is very real. Sometimes a word that means one thing in English
means something very different – and even offensive – in another language. “(speaking incorrect Spanish).” Before you pick a name for your baby, you
may want to think twice about some of these baby names that mean something totally inappropriate
in another language. It’s such a cute name that Chloe is trending all over the world, ranked in the top 100
names for baby girls in several countries including the United States and Spain. But despite the name’s popularity, it’s not
ranked in Germany for a simple reason: it’s way too close to the word “klo,” which is
German slang for “toilet.” Not exactly something you would want to call
your baby! Most people these days think of Apple’s personal assistant when they hear the name Siri but
it’s actually a name in its own right. With its origins in Scandinavia, the name
Siri is currently pretty popular in Sweden, but it’s not so hot in Japan. That’s because, when spoken aloud by native
Japanese speakers, the name Siri sounds a lot like the Japanese word for “ass.” Siri, find us a less embarrassing name! The nickname Dom is frequently given to those named Dominic, or Dominique. It’s cute and catchy, but if you find yourself
in the Netherlands, you might want to be careful. In Dutch, the word “dom” is more likely to
be heard as an insult, because it translates to “stupid.” Hey, at least you can always call them “Nick”
instead, right? If you think you can play it safe by giving your little Dominic or Nicholas the nickname
Nick, you’re wrong. While it’s a popular and even a jolly name
thanks to its connection to Santa Claus, it might make French people snicker thanks to
the fact that it sounds quite a lot like a slang word that roughly translates to “f—.” And saying that word will definitely get your
kid coal in their stocking! Deriving from a Welsh word meaning “little,” the name Vaughn has remained fairly common
in the United States for generations. However, you’re unlikely to find anyone named
Vaughn in Russia, because over there, “von” means “stench.” That stinks! There are actually a couple reasons that people might giggle at the name Randy. In English, the name is usually a form of
Randall or Randolph… but can also refer to feeling aroused. “Do I make you randy?” That’s kind of rough, but it’s much worse
in Hindi, where the word “randi” means “prostitute.” So… maybe not. Regardless of how it’s spelled, the name Kara is a very popular name in the United States
and the United Kingdom. But it turns out thousands of people have
been giving their baby girls a name that’s an insult in Arabic. While the English version of the name comes
from an Italian word meaning “beloved,” in Arabic, this lovely name actually translates
to “s***.” Whoops. In the United States, Gil usually short for Gilbert, while in Europe, it is the Spanish
and Portuguese equivalent of the name Giles. Gil is also a Hebrew name; in that language
it translates to “happiness” or “joy.” In Poland, however, Gil is not used as a name
or as a particularly nice word. There, the name is a term that means “snot.” Of course, none of this means that you should
necessarily refrain from giving your baby a particular name if you really like it. But it’s always good to be culturally aware. If your child ends up traveling to a place
where their name is considered to be an insult, they can always use a nickname or their middle
name. Although you might want to recommend they
double check what those words mean too… just in case! “I kinda came up with the best baby name of
all time…” “Drizzle.” Thanks for watching! Click the The List icon to subscribe to our
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