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How To Learn Sign Language

Awesome ASL Interpretation of Action-Packed Transformers Scene

Hello! I’m Cobi Sewell. Today, I will be talking
about sign language. There have been
countless times that I have
told my friends that sign language
can be expressed in so many ways
that words cannot. They never understood
what I meant. So I will give you
a quick, brief example. (Sign language representation
of action sequence) Mind blown?? I just expressed the fight scenes
in sign language in a way that words wouldn’t be able to describe! That is really beautiful! Sign language helps
you express yourself in ways that words cannot. You see the world differently. You have different perspectives. It’s beautiful. I remember when I was a young kid with my little deaf brother. We played so much. Our imagination levels were so different from the other hearing kids. We had a higher level
of visual imagination. We were very visual, we saw our imagination. Because of… Hands! It’s powerful. Really, yeah… Are you learning sign language yet? Much love!

8 Replies to “Awesome ASL Interpretation of Action-Packed Transformers Scene”

  • Amazing! I personally only took two years of ASL (and frankly, I was terrible at it), but I did find it really fascinating how stories can be told in ASL. But I had no clue that ASL allowed you to describe such a complex collection of events all in real-time! Trying to explain everything that happened in that scene with words would probably have taken at least a few minutes more for just this scene!
    I really wish that I was better at ASL so that I could have told stories like this.
    I know that for one of my tests, I had to describe a story of something that happened to me. The closest thing to this I ever described was describing some of my experiences playing LARP (Live Action Roleplay).
    It was definitely a lot more fun telling the stories in ASL, though.

    The story in English was something like this:
    Every Saturday, I play L-A-R-P at CCBC college. L-A-R-P is acting and theatre combined with pretend sword fighting. One day, I had to battle a huge guy with a giant sword, longer than me, and all I had was a dagger! But luckily, I play as a character who uses magic. I shouted: "I heat your weapon!" three times, and he had to drop his sword, so I chased him down and defeated him!

    But when I described it in ASL, I could say all of that, but also show physically on my own body the size of the guy's muscles, the length of his sword, as well as mime some of the actions involved. For example, to describe casting the spell, I mimed as if I were throwing the word "FIRE" in his direction.

    Thanks for reopening my eyes to the amazing story-telling style of ASL. You've made me consider going back and trying to relearn ASL!

  • Sorry, I know my last comment was really long, but I just had one more question:
    In my story, I tried my best to describe casting the spell without knowing the sign for "SPELL(magic)" by 'throwing' my words.
    What is the best method to describe a battle in which magic is used, such as a scene from a Harry Potter movie?

  • Damn I cannot watch this video enough!! Watching Cobi sign these scene is just as exciting (if not more) than the actual scene itself! RESPECT!

  • Cool ASL for movie scene! You and Awti would enjoy each other. Do you know Awti? (CODA) He's really into ASL and Cinematography. If not check out his video for Superman being shot in the eye.

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